Todd Akin is a legitimate idiot…

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Todd Akin is a legitimate  idiot…his comments are not only obnoxious of reality but ignorant of the emotional and physical pain women endure when sexually assaulted.  I think he should immediately heed his party’s rapid response and withdraw his candidacy for office.  His taped “apology” was even worse.  No Mr. Akin, you didn’t use the wrong words.  You aren’t sorry for what you said.  You are sorry of only the rightful backlash you received from your stupid comments.  Inauthenticity is a pet peeve of mine.  Say what you mean and defend it.  Aside from his deplorable comments, what frustrates me the most is the supposed connection liberals are making with Governor Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan.

Both men have and continue to vehemently disagree with Akin’s statements.  Romney is against abortion except in the case of rape and incest.  Some critics attempt to connect Ryan with Akin.  Ryan and Akin passed a life amendment bill where there weren’t exceptions for abortion in cases of rape or incest.  Ryan has said in interviews that his only exception would be if the woman’s health was in jeopardy.  He has never said anything about so called “legitimate rapes.”  My views on abortion are the same as Paul Ryan.  When a woman’s life is in jeopardy it then becomes a “women’s right issue” and thus should be decided by the woman.

Let me first say that I don’t think anyone wants or is in favor of abortion.  Similar to the GOP platform, I believe that abortion is a “life issue” as opposed to a “woman’s right issue.”  I believe life begins at conception.  As a male I will never be able to fully understand the emotional, physical and spiritual demands of pregnancy, let alone one resulting from a horrible crime.  I believe in the sanctity of life and thus don’t think a child born out of hate is any less important or sacred.  By no means do I believe that the mother must change the direction of her life.  There are options to consider.  There are thousands of couples and single individuals who yearn for a child in their lives.

I acknowledge the deficiencies in the foster care system and the arduous journey that is adoption.  But, I believe that the focus should be in solving those issues.  There is also a misconception that only men are the ones who oppose abortion.  In fact, I know several women who share the same belief as I do.  Now as to the fact of men not having the right to pass legislation deemed to some as a “woman’s right issue,” I wholeheartedly disagree.  I don’t think discrimination is acceptable in any case.  A candidate is elected to represent a group of constituents.   If someone doesn’t agree with a candidate’s position, simply do not vote for them.  Yes, there is a severe lack of diversity in congress.  Do something about it.  If you think your voice is unheard ponder running for office yourself.

This notion that proponents of the “life amendment” are “anti-women” is insulting to me in so many facets.  I don’t believe for a second I am “anti-women.” After my father’s premature death, my mom raised my siblings and me.  All five of us (including a young infant).  She has raised me by herself for most of my life.  I respect women.  I revere them.  There is nothing more difficult than being a parent.  Let alone a single parent.  Assuming pro-life advocates share some type of hatred for women and engage in a “war against women” is not only detestable but simply not true.  As I have stated, this issue isn’t a women’s right issue.  It is a human life issue.  And that essentially is the difference.

I do believe that women should be assisted during pregnancy and from then on.  Congress should make it a priority to maintain funding for essential services for women.  Let us note that cuts to public funding aren’t only done by the GOP.  Although you may not agree with me on some or any of my beliefs, I can confidently state that you agree with me on one of them.

Todd Akin is an idiot. 


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