America’s “Honey Boo Boo Child” Problem

August 29, 2012 was supposed to be a momentous occasion for the Grand Old Party (GOP).  42-year-old vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan was supposed to energize the Republican base.  More importantly it was supposed to garner a new era for the party.  Wisconsin Congressman Ryan was supposed to connect with the disenfranchised youth of America.  He was supposed to lure the once enthusiastic voting demographic that had helped usher in the Obama administration.  Albeit the content of the speech or the effectiveness of his oratory prowess, he managed to be overshadowed by another emerging “star.”  Several reports have indicated that the coveted 18-34 viewing demographic was a bit preoccupied that night.  They were riveted by the adventures of a young pageant toddler named “Honey Boo-Boo Child.” 

Yes.  “HONEY BOO-BOO CHILD” dethroned rating expectations for the GOP convention.  Critics can name a myriad of reasons why Ryan’s speech failed to garner America’s attention.  GOP advocates can counter with their own arguments.  In the end, an incoherently babbling little girl captured everyone’s attention.  In my opinion, the main culprit lay with the fact of evident voter apathy.  Americans are tired of the same cumbersome rhetoric spewed by politicians.  Rhetoric of ideologies wavered under the slightest sign of peer pressure.  Every politician does it.

Americans are tired of deadlocked factions of government more concerned with their egos as opposed to the people struggling to feed their children on a DAILY basis.  The vitriol and animosity emanating between both parties is only hurting the average American.  I don’t care what the other party has supposedly done wrong.  What are you going to do?  How will you fix it?  Detailed plans would be nice.  America’s survival cannot remain idle while politicians clamor for popularity and praise.

Another reason for some voter apathy could be the enigma that is the Electoral College.  An enigma for the fact there isn’t a good reason why it has been instituted.  The president of the United States should be elected purely based on a populace vote.  Why are Californians any more important than Wyomingites?  Everyone’s vote is and should be equal.  One recent report claimed that the fall presidential election will come down to the decisions of 40,000 independent voters.   How is it that 40,000 people decide what’s best for over 300 million others?   There are thousands of people in historically “blue” (Democratic leaning) and “red” (Republican leaning) states who don’t normally vote because they don’t think their vote will matter.  I vote in my home state of Illinois (currently a “blue state”) because I feel it is a part of my civic duty as an American citizen.  I am so sick of hearing about Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado and the rest of the “toss-up” states.  Why is their vote any more important than mine?  It’s not.  Everyone’s vote is important.  Or at least it should be.

Political factions should get a clue.  Americans are done with the same old games.  Americans are tired of waiting.  Americans are tired of promises.  More importantly, Americans need and want their voices to be heard.  Enough is enough.  Get rid of this antiquated voting system and truly see who the American people want to lead their country.  Above all, politicians should stop talking about they are going to do and they should start accomplishing what they said they would do.

Americans simply deserve better.  Until then, don’t be surprised by the new crazed reality show.  Sadly, it seems just like the “reality” show “Snooki and JWoww,” “Honey Boo-Boo Child” isn’t going away anytime soon.

*In case you haven’t seen coverage of the phenomena.  I’ve attached a 30 second preview of the show’s premise.  Check it out.



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9 responses to “America’s “Honey Boo Boo Child” Problem”

  1. Nancy says :

    How can we get rid of the Electoral College when the dumbing of America watches Honey Boo Boo instead?

  2. tom says :

    The Electoral College doesn’t make California votes matter more than Wyoming, it is the opposite. Because every state has a minimum of 3 EC votes, those with smaller populations are disproportionately benefited. Looking at the last 08 election, WY has around 530,000 citizens, 3 EC votes. TX has 25 million, 32 EC votes. This means WY had one EC vote for every 177,000 citizens while TX had one EC vote for every 530,000. Getting rid of the EC would make the urban centers of the country much more influential and further diminish the impact of smaller states and towns. Essentially the country would become like IL, where Chicago dominates elections over what happens in most the rest of the state.

    Nor is the ‘color’ of a strongly red or blue state likely to change much w/out the EC. WY or OK aren’t likely to go blue anymore than NY or CA go red. The reason we are inundated with OH & FL every Presidential cycle is because they are states that actually will go either way.

    I do agree completely that the EC prohibits 3rd party participation and makes it really unlikely to ever result in a non D/R President. Our Constitution also makes this difficult since if no candidate gets the majority (270 today) then it goes to the House to decide w/a vote. Heaven help us if it ever comes to that. What if a GOP dominated House has to decide an election in a race where their party came in third and the D first?

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      Thanks for the comment…you bring up a good point…eliminating the electoral college might not change the “color” of a state I think that collectively you never know what could happen with the people in each state who don’t vote because they don’t think it will matter in their state’s outcome…yes presidents typically win the populace vote as well as the electoral vote..however, I’d point out that in 2000, Bush beat Gore in the electoral vote yet lost the populace vote..great point that current law makes it almost impossible for a third party candidate to win…doesn’t seem right to me…

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