Mayor Rahm Emanuel should leave DNC and do his job…


2012 hasn’t been the greatest year for Chicago.  Chicago leads the nation in several deplorable and unwanted categories.  Chicago is leading the nation in the average price for a gallon of gasoline.  Unemployment is at 9.1% (higher than the national average of 8.1%).  There have been over 350 fatalities as a result of gun violence as of this past weekend.

In addition, the Chicago Public Teachers Union, headed by teacher representative Karen Lewis, last week issued a ten day strike notice.  If a deal isn’t brokered by September 10th, the union has threatened to strike.  Thousands of Chicago-area students will be without vital educational and many cases mentoring opportunities.  The board has said that it has plans for about 144 schools to remain open for a half a day (8:30 am to 12:30 pm).  What good does this do for parents who work and are thus unable to watch their children during the rest of the day?  You may ask yourselves how Chicago’s elected officials have tackled these pending crises.

Jean-Claude Brizard, CEO of Chicago Public Schools, has been busy enjoying a “much needed vacation.”  I can see how stressful it could be to actually do one’s job.  Indeed, he’s done such a great job he should take a permanent vacation.  Surely you then say Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel would be hard at work solving these problems.  Think again.  Emanuel has spent the last two days at the “liberal love fest” that is the Democratic National Convention (and yes I call the RNC the “conservative love fest”).  Surprised was I to spot the mayor hinged to every syllable spoken during Former President Bill Clinton’s speech.  Hysterically laughing to every “dig” intended to undermine the GOP.  I’m more than happy to provide a reality check to the mayor.  To think I was pleased with Emanuel’s administration at the beginning of his tenure.  I knew I should have trusted my conservative instincts.

The fact that there are more homicides in Chicago than in the war in Afghanistan is outlandish.  That Mr. Mayor is not something to be happy about.  You can take your vacations and political detours after you both deal with the Chicago crises.  Similarly to the U.S. Congress, God forbid we ever interrupt politicians’ vacation plans or their personal commitments.  Last time I checked politicians are elected to serve the needs of the peopleNot the other way around.

In a recent interview, Mayor Emanuel carelessly stated that there wasn’t a violence epidemic in Chicago.  In fact he claims the situation has been “contained.”  If by “contained” he means the violence is primarily happening in the city’s south side then I guess he’s right.  Apparently it only becomes an issue if the violence spreads to the north side.  If there were weekend shootings on Lake Shore Drive, then we’d have a crisis on our hands.  Apparently it’s sufficient to remain idle while violence runs rampant in the city’s poorest neighborhoods.  The inconvenient truth is that most politicians express their inclusive political intentions when running for office; but fail to mention their “true priorities.”

Far too long have we NOT held our politicians accountable.  Voters from both sides support the same politicians because of their political affiliations and because of familiarity.  When did it become okay to allow politicians to legislatively dictate their own agendas and not hold them accountable when they fail to uphold their promises?  Chicagoans don’t have time for cowards.  Chicagoans don’t have time for politicians’ personal ventures.  Chicagoans deserve people who will tackle the harsh realities of our society.  So Mr. Mayor, leave your friends in Charlotte and come back and do your job.  I’m waiting.  Chicagoans are waiting.

Just Get It Done


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