Why America is Keeping up with the Kardashians


I’ve heard it all.  Gotten into debates at work about the family.  Even defended them in my own household.  Yes, I’m talking about the Kardashians.  The family who has seemed to polarize the country.  In a heated election season, in a struggling economy, many Americans are busy discussing the latest events of the E! Network juggernaut “Keeping up with the Kardashians.”   Admittedly so, I am one of the many millions who keep up with the Kardashians.

I’ve been told they are fake…greedy…dumb…and annoying.  A family who they think does everything for the ratings.  I most sincerely disagree.  Kim Kardashian (the most famous of the group) and her mom Kris Jenner (married to Olympic Decathlon gold medalist Bruce Jenner) have admitted they are lucky.  Lucky that they were able to overcome the scandal that essentially made their family a household name.  Years ago, Kim Kardashian made a sex tape with her then boyfriend Ray J (brother of Brandy Norwood of “Moesha”).  The tape was supposed to remain private.  However, it did not.  The scandal instantly brought attention to the family.

Given that fact, I don’t dispute that the family became famous because of Kim’s sex tape.  However, I dispute that the tape is the sole reason of their current fame.  The reason the family is so well known is because they are a hardworking group of individuals.  They are great at what they do; which is essentially marketing.  They don’t get millions of viewers on a weekly basis because of Kim’s sex tape.  They get viewers because as absurd as it may seem to some, they are in some respects relatable to the average person.  No I’m not talking about Kim’s extravagant tastes. Or the over the top events Kris Jenner likes to plan.  I’m talking about the fact that they are a large family who sometimes get into arguments.  As someone from a large family, I can relate to the sibling rivalries exhibited on the show.  They may not be for the same reasons, but we do occasionally get into verbal fights.  A mother who favors one daughter (Kim) over her other children, a son (Rob) who feels neglected and a family blended by remarriage is common throughout America.

Their show is highly entertaining.  Their fights sometimes utterly ridiculous.  Their personas sometimes annoying (even to their most loyal fans).  But, the most endearing part of the whole show is the fact they covet family above all.  And that is why I like the show.  Fighting with your family is a normal experience.  I don’t care how much money you have.  It will and does happen.  Admit it.  After all the fights and drama they still in the end resolve their problems.  They resolve them because they love each other.  They resolve them because they are a family.  What I don’t get is the vitriol expressed towards these people?  If you don’t like them (which I’ve found to be the opinion of mostly people who haven’t watched a single episode of the show) don’t watch the show.  Why waste so much time and energy vilifying a family that you apparently don’t care for?  A reason I think is that many critics are jealous of the family.  Jealous of their fame.  Jealous of their looks.  Mad at the fact that they think they are undeserving of their fame.

Kim’s sex tape isn’t the reason why they have a clothing line, a cosmetics line, clothing stores and many more.  The family’s work ethic (and you’d see it if you watched the show) is why they are still prevalent in today’s society several years after the scandal.  It is the reason why they recently signed a $40 million contract with the cable network.  If you aren’t a fan of the family why do you care what they do?  Why do some act like they are an evil entity?  Don’t like them, change the channel.

I don’t know about you, but I know what I’m doing tonight.

I’ll be keeping up with the Kardashians.

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