Apple releases iPhone 5 and everyone goes crazy…

iPhone 5 Mockups

iPhone 5 Mockups (Photo credit:

September 21st was an important day.  Important at least for the millions of people around the world clamoring to get their hands on the latest Apple product.  Disregarding the absurdity of camping outside Apple stores weeks ahead of the release.  I’ve never bought an Apple product.  Realistically can’t afford to purchase one if I so desired.  Don’t understand the craze.  Don’t understand the hype for a cell phone.  Seriously, some people act as if each new iPhone is the greatest innovation since “sliced bread.”  They aren’t.  I don’t understand why someone would purchase a phone only for it to become outdated within a six month period.  Vanity is such a powerful force.  Everyone wants to be part of the “cool group.”

Now I won’t begrudge Apple for manufacturing products in a market it created.  The company has every legal right to make “innovative” products and charge absurd prices for them.  I detest the prospect of sleeping outside of an Apple store weeks ahead of a release.  I’ve got better things to do with my “free-time.”  I will admit that many of the people camping outside these stores are entrepreneurs in their own right.  There are many cases where they will sell their spot in line.  Many also use the publicity to advertise their fledgling app product.  Those examples of entrepreneurship are pretty ingenious.

Many people that I know that become giddy by the release of the new phones cannot afford to purchase them.  They complain of their financial duress, yet somehow are always one of the first to purchase the phones.  It becomes increasingly annoying with each successive release.

Reports have stated of “glitches” in the phone’s new operating system.  Additionally, Apple is in a current spat with Google.  So the new iPhone has an Apple Maps app preloaded to the phone.  The debacle of an app can’t distinguish the whereabouts of the Hoover Dam.  The map also shows an entire city in the ocean and a farm which has been labeled as an airport.  Today, it was announced that Google is working on a new iOS6 Maps app for the phone.  Nice to know someone is reading customer reviews.

The best news emerging from the release is that economists believe that the sale of the iPhone 5 will bump the U.S. GDP by 0.5%.  It’s sad that Apple is doing more for our economy than our Congress.

So if you want to buy the new phone, go buy one.  But I implore you to really think if you can afford the price tag.

Remember most people in the world don’t have an iPhone.

It’s OKAY not to buy one.

And most of all, keep in mind that a new iPhone is already in the works to be released next year.



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