Rahm Emanuel blasts airwaves with TV ad

Chicago teachers Union strike 2012

Chicago teachers Union strike 2012 (Photo credit: HausofAlejandro)

The more I see Mayor Rahm Emanuel on television the more his indignant, smug face irritates me.  The tumultuous CTU strike of 2012 ended September 18th.  Emanuel’s supposed “victory lap” has unfortunately just begun.  Just when I was glad to get a reprieve from his face on local newscasts, he weasels himself into the Chicago airwaves.  A day cannot go by without a constant inundation of political ads administered by the mayoral campaign.

In his most recent commercial, Rahm Emanuel TV ad on CTU strike, he uses a million dollars (funded by the “non-partisan” advocacy group Education Reform Now) to tout his “achievements.”  He attempts to calm fear of his bluntly obvious absentee leadership.  He states that in these tough negotiations he was able to garner teacher accountability.  For the first time children’s test scores will count towards a teacher’s evaluation.  What he fails to mention is that a law passed by President Obama goes into effect this year.  In that law, at least 25% of a teacher’s evaluation has to be based on student test score performances.  In the new deal teachers will have a 25% component in each of their first two years.  The percentage will increase to 30% in the third year of evaluations.  So Mr. Mayor how exactly did you win in this aspect?

Rahm Emanuel 4

Rahm Emanuel 4 (Photo credit: afagen)

In addition, he agreed to hire 500 teachers (mostly of non-core subjects) to compensate for the longer days.  So in fact teachers will not have their work time extended.  Yet, somehow he justifies their 17% increase in salary as a “win.”  As I have said in my previous posts, this strike is the product of the egocentric pair that is Karen Lewis and Rahm Emanuel.  The two “leaders” do not like each other.  They have made it very clear.  This contract should have been brokered months ago.  Unfortunately, elected officials were too busy being politicians as opposed to actual leaders.

In the end, the children lost once again.  I haven’t heard of a single component to this deal that benefits the children.  Classroom size and supply shortages weren’t even addressed.  Once again, the children’s needs are diminished by the shadows of gargantuan egos.  What I find the most amusing is that this mayor won’t tell the public where he will get the funding for this contract.  Property tax increases and school closures are the true answers.  It’s the inconvenient truth he’d like to keep a secret.  Unfortunately for the mayor, the public is catching on to the usual political tactics.

All I have left to say is:

“Can’t wait until the next election.”


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