ACLU decide Father-Daughter Dances are discriminatory

In May, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) sued a school district in Rhode Island for the “social injustices” that are school dances.  According to the ACLU, gender-specific activities are discriminatory towards students who they don’t apply to.  A mother asked for the dance to be eliminated due to the fact her daughter’s father had left them years prior.  Therefore, her daughter wouldn’t be able to attend the event.  In addition, Mother-Son baseball games were also deemed illegal by the group.  Politically correct ACLU representatives stated that the baseball games were sexist because it implied girls couldn’t play baseball.

On one hand I can see how they think these events could be discriminatory.  However, I think it is pretty ridiculous that the ACLU has decided these are the important social injustices of our society.  These are historical and traditional events that have become sacred to families.

There is a solution to this predicament; a solution that hasn’t been mentioned by either side.  In my opinion, a single mother not only is a mother to her child but also the father to her child.  What I don’t understand is why neither the mother nor the ACLU asked the school district to allow this mother and daughter at the dance.  This could have been a reasonable mediation to the problem.

In an increasingly, politically correct climate these recent legal complaints are another example of misguided attacks.  Mother-Son baseball games and Father-Daughter dances are not some type of evil discrimination.  They are events that are created to bond family members.  In a society where teenagers and parents are increasingly growing more distant because of technological devices, such events should be applauded, not demonized.

What do you think?

Are Mother-Son baseball games and Father-Daughter dances discriminatory?

Should they be banned?


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11 responses to “ACLU decide Father-Daughter Dances are discriminatory”

  1. lavz17 says :

    Being a single mom I could see her point but I think it is wrong. I agree there could of been other options

  2. Ava Elizabeth Wisdom says :

    I’m a single mom. My mother, who ended up taking her life was also a single mom. I never got to go to a daddy-daughter dance. Why? No daddy to dance with. Pardon my extreme cynicism, but WHERE ARE ALL THE MEN? See, when we decide not to abort our children we really don’t have options. But, in my experience MEN have options. Unfortunately the option most exercised by MEN is to LEAVE. They just walk away. Hence making numerous families FATHERLESS! And hence me and many other single moms trying their BEST to be a mother and a father to our children. And I know there are good dads out there. I’d like to see these men, for the sake our communities step up and mentor some of our fatherless kids. The Traditional American Family is crumbling before our eyes…because MEN LEAVE!

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      Thanks for comment. I’d like to add that males who abandon their children aren’t MEN. They are BOYS. MEN are the fathers of America who are just as involved in their child’s lives as the mother. I don’t think it’s fair though to state that most MEN (or males for that matter) don’t take responsibility. Although the majority of single parents are moms, let’s not forget that there are single dads in the country. Aside from that I understand what you are talking about.

  3. coastalmom says :

    That is a hard one. I was a single mom for a while as well, before I met my husband, and I just made other events during the ones they were missing out on more important. Kind of like making OUR night more special… if they felt that they were missing out…. but I don’t think that a traditional dance that has been around for years should be called discriminating…. Even if it is a little… sometimes we can get ridiculous, pulling out that discriminatory card when it fits!
    Ava, I agree with you! What happened to the men out there that could offer to take some little girls that really wanted to go? The Surogate Dads that need to step in… the uncles or the guys with boys in that kid’s life who should have offered…. Adults need to be more creative!

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