Everyone likes blaming the media…

“Let’s just blame the media.”  That is the strategy undertaken by so many politicians.  Commit a blunder of epic proportions and revert to the tired excuse that the media is very much biased.  The media has an agenda.  They are liberal.  They are conservative.  These and countless other remarks attempt to assuage the gaffes politicians commit so often.  Accountability seemingly has become as mythological as unicorns.  Politicians refuse to admit fault, opting for using the “media’s biases” as a scapegoat.

What seems most troubling is the fact that politicians ignore the blaring fact that gaffes aren’t created by the media; they are created by the politician’s utter lack of judgment.  The media wouldn’t have any blunders to report if politicians never created them.  Newscasters are generally journalists.  Their job is to find a story and report it.  Don’t want your image tarnished, don’t commit stupidities.  It amuses me to listen to accusations of a general media bias from members of the media.  They do realize that by being on television they’ve essentially become part of the media.

I will concede that at times I’ve seen media bias.  The best solution to obtaining a moderate news cycle is to utilize as many outlets of media as possible.  Solely watching Fox News or MSNBC isn’t going to cut it.  In recent news, some have argued that the CBS Sunday evening show 60 minutes committed blatant media bias when a clip of President Obama’s interview was edited from the live broadcast.  The clip in question was instead posted to the online website of the show.

In the clip (60 minutes online clip) Steve Kroft asks President Obama what he has to say about the reports from fact checkers that some of his ads are false.  The president responds by stating that if things aren’t entirely aligned with the truth it is merely commonplace in politics.  The interesting clip isn’t necessarily an example of media bias.  News channels are constantly combating the reality of increased online activity.  Most people nowadays get their information online.  Companies have to establish a presence online to remain competitive.  The clip has been subsequently broadcasted on major networks since Sunday’s live broadcast.  So it’s not like the clip was hidden from the public.

I find it imperative that I reiterate my disdain for using the media as a scapegoat for public and private blunders.  Politicians should be more concerned with their actions and less concerned with their image.  Abstaining from misjudgments and gaffes is the only means to an “immaculate” image.  In the end, politicians only have themselves to blame.

What are your thoughts on media bias?

Does it exist?

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