Newsweek: CIA’s Secret Weapon & “No Easy Day”

No Easy Day

No Easy Day (Photo credit: gorekun)

A member of the famed “Seal 6” squad which accomplished the mission of killing Osama Bin Laden has decided it prudent to detail the assassination.  The Navy Seal which is going by the name Mark Owen has since retired from the Navy.  His real identity was revealed by Fox News.  I have decided not to use his actual name in this blog post.  I have not read the book, nor intend to do so.  In his book “No Easy Day” he reportedly greatly details the schematics of the mission.

In the book, he states that a female operative played a major role in obtaining the whereabouts of the compound.  She was able to covertly relay to the base with extreme certainty the existence of a compound a half mile away from a Pakistani military academy.  She described the compound in such great detail that she amazingly told the base which way the doors swung open.  These small details greatly aided in the Bin Laden assassination.

A recent Newsweek article, The CIA’s Secret Weapon, explains that female operatives are increasingly being used in major assignments.  Female spies have been in some instances more valuable than their male counterparts.  Owen’s book thankfully does not disclose the woman’s name.  It does state the significant role she had in the eventually death of the terrorist.

I’m a bit torn on this issue.  On the one hand I respect his freedom of speech.  I hesitate to support the publication of this book because of the intelligence leaked to our enemies.  Our strategies should not be made public to terrorists.  All we have to know is that the job got done and Bin Laden was killed.  At some point the safety of our military must be taken into account.  The fact that Owen did not get the book authorized by military officials is outlandish.  The safety of our Seals is the most important thing.  Their safety and privacy should be of the utmost of priorities.

What do you think?  Have you read the book?

Do you think this book should have been published?



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