NYC schools begin offering the morning-after pill

Different kinds of birth control pills.

Different kinds of birth control pills. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The NYC school district has decided it imperative to provide morning-after pills to teenage girls.  In an effort to curb teen pregnancies school officials have voted to supply the morning-after pill in high schools throughout the city.  The morning-after pill is essentially an abortion pill.  Unlike birth control, the purpose of the morning-after pill is to eliminate any resulting embryo from a sexual encounter.

If you’ve read my blog post Todd Akin is a legitimate idiot, you know my stance on the abortion debate.  Fundamentally, I oppose abortions; thus oppose the morning-after pill.  The legality of abortion doesn’t only center on the sanctity of life, but also the government’s role in assisting mothers in the care of raising their children.  The government cannot ban abortions and subsequently expect financially, struggling mothers to solely raise their children.

I find it perplexing that a school district would opt to provide the morning-after pill to students.  I wonder if parental consent is needed to obtain the pill.  Pro-life advocates aren’t foolish to think that all teens remain abstinent until marriage.  Condoms and birth control are realistic preventative tools to prevent unwanted pregnancies.  These preventative measures can/should be encouraged in school.  Ultimately, it is not the government’s role to provide contraceptive methods without parental consent.  Parents should be held accountable to actually “parent” their children in the consequences of unprotected sex (not to say that most parents don’t have the “birds and the bees” talk with their children).

What do you think?

Should the morning-after pill be offered in high school?

With or without parental consent?


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4 responses to “NYC schools begin offering the morning-after pill”

  1. lavz17 says :

    I can’t believe this. This shows that society has a quick fix for everything. We are teaching are kids it is ok what you do just take a pill. I understand you want to prevent pregnancies so teach preventive measures. Give out condoms or some other form of birth control. So whats next

  2. Nancy says :

    I can’t believe they will allow it. The school boards won’t allow the children take benadryl, or other needed medication let alone the day after pill!

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