Supreme Court to rule on Pennsylvania voter ID law

English: map of voter id laws for 2008 election

English: map of voter id laws for 2008 election (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chicago Tribune columnist, Peter Hall, details in Wednesday’s paper that “state officials said they had revised the process of obtaining IDs to make it easier for voters to get a card needed to cast a ballot…The law says that to vote, all voters must show either a state driver’s license, government employee ID or a state nondriver ID card.”  Democrats accused the GOP (who largely back voter ID legislation) as racists and intentionally restricting what they consider a large faction of their voting populace.  They argue that most voters who would be affected by these laws would be minority representatives; who they deem as Democratic voters.

Many states have passed some type of voter ID legislation.  For example, voters in Illinois need to provide a form of ID when utilizing the state’s “early voting” method.  However, an ID is not required when voting on Election Day.  Such laws are utterly dumbfounding.  Voters should be required to show a government-issued ID when voting.  Voter fraud is a serious problem in this country and needs to be addressed by legislators.  There is a reason there is the saying in Chicago that goes like this: “Vote early and vote often.”

Polling Place Sign

Polling Place Sign (Photo credit: joebeone)

If I have to show an ID to get my mail from the Post Office then people need to show an ID to vote.  If I have to show an ID to get cough medicine then people need to show an ID to vote.  Granted the government should make it easier for voters to obtain an ID. A possible solution is when citizens register to vote they could also submit a picture which would then could be added to the voter list (at each polling place) and/or each new voter registration card.

What do you think?

Should voters have to show ID to vote?



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3 responses to “Supreme Court to rule on Pennsylvania voter ID law”

  1. Eliana says :

    Although this issue can be complex, I don’t think it’s as difficult to resolve as it seems. Election fraud is a serious issue especially because the names of deceased voters remain on the lists of registered voters and there have been records of dead people voting in past elections. That’s why it is imperative to require voters ID.

    Currently, there is a fee charged for all government issued IDs. The problem is that if a photo ID was required to vote, then it would be unconstitutional to charge a fee to issue it. Every citizen has the right to vote, regardless of their ability to meet the expense of an ID or not.

    In my opinion, voter’s registration cards that are already provided to voters should have a photo. They should also continue to be free of charge. I understand that it may generate more expenses for the government; although, we have other unnecessary expenses that we find room in our budget for. One example of that is the free Wi-Fi access in Chicago Park Districts. (That’s a completely different issue though.)

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      Thanks for the comment. Adding a picture to the registration card would increase costs BUT is justified in that voter fraud costs our government more. Plus you can’t tax someone to vote. As to the park topic I may write about that next week.

  2. Nancy says :

    When you register to vote, you show an ID and you sign a signature card. Each time you go to vote, you sign the ballot & they compare your signature. So once you register, that is all you need.

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