Bill Clinton and President Obama – Praise of the Week

English: President Barack Obama meets with Pre...

English: President Barack Obama meets with President Clinton in the Oval Office 4/21/09 Français : Le président Barack Obama recevant l’ancien président Bill Clinton dans le bureau ovale (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve decided that in addition to a “Rant of the week” I will be ending the week with a “praise of the week.”  It will give us an opportunity to “give props” to whomever deserves the praise.

This week I praise Former President Bill Clinton and President Obama.  A Huffington Post article (A call to end modern-day slavery) chronicles the recent efforts of the presidents to combat and ultimately end modern-day slavery.  It details the sad reality of slavery in our country.  “According to the FBI, there are currently an estimated 293,000 American children at risk of being exploited and trafficked for sex.”

Slavery isn’t a fact of the past.  It isn’t a fact that affects only third-world countries.  Slavery exists in America.  It is one of the least spoken-about atrocities of our generation.  I praise the two presidents because they have pledged to end an archaic system that should have been extinct by now.  I hope for the sake of all girls in this country and around the world they succeed in their endeavor.



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