ABC News catches TSA agent stealing an iPad

TSA at Gate B8

TSA at Gate B8 (Photo credit: steuben)

2012 hasn’t been a good year for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  Numerous reports have surfaced of agents missing potentially dangerous items in the TSA screening process.  This past week startling reports surfaced that two separate passengers accidentally carried a loaded gun in their carry-on bag and/or luggage.  The first passenger, a New Orleans Hornet executive, only realized his wife’s gun was in his luggage after TSA agents reprimanded him on his connecting flight.  The other passenger, a firefighter, forgot she had her loaded gun in her carry-on bag.  However, in this case TSA agents didn’t find their error.  The woman noticed she had the gun when she got home and proceeded to notify the airport security.

In addition to these lapses, it was reported two weeks ago on ABC News that a woman flew to Florida, only to realize when she began unpacking that her cat had climbed into the luggage.  The cat miraculously survived the trip.  When asked how a live cat could go unnoticed through screening, the TSA replied: “We don’t look for animals when screening luggage.”  Seriously?!  I guess they also don’t screen for guns.  What exactly do they screen for?  It isn’t very reassuring to learn of these recurring lapses.

Brian Ross, ABC News reporter, uncovered a troubling pattern of theft perpetrated by TSA officials.  One iPad and $300 in cash were added to ten pieces of luggage.  Each piece of luggage went through various airports in the country.  9 out of 10 iPads were left intact.  However, in Miami a TSA agent was caught holding an iPad after opening the ABC News luggage.  The iPad then went “missing.”  Ross used the iPad location signal to locate the iPad to the home of that TSA agent.  After initially refusing that he took the iPad, he later told the news reporter that his wife had taken it.  His wife doesn’t work at the airport.  The agent was later fired.

English: An image of an iPad 2.

English: An image of an iPad 2. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A recent report on airport security said that San Francisco airport officials were 65% more efficient than others in the country.  San Francisco hires mostly part-time employees and schedules most to work during “peak hours.”  Those officials aren’t guaranteed a position and are thus more careful when screening passengers and luggage.  These investigations are quite disturbing.  Terrorists now know (if they hadn’t already) all these weaknesses.

All I have to say to the TSA is:


*In case you’d like to watch the ABC News report (Brian Ross investigative report)


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