Daily Caller website posts a racially divisive 2007 Obama speech

Rev. Jeremiah Wright at the White House, 1998

Rev. Jeremiah Wright at the White House, 1998 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Conservative website, Daily Caller, released a 40 minute speech given by then-Senator Obama in June 2007.  In the speech, Obama praises Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  Wright is most notably a controversial figure from the 2008 campaign.  Video of a sermon the reverend gave the weekend after 9/11 surfaced where he says “America’s chickens have come home to roost.”  He says: “Not God Bless America!  Goddamn America!” (Reverend Jeremiah Wright videos) Profanities continue in the course of the Wright videos.  In 2008, Senator Obama disavowed the Reverend and said that he didn’t regularly attend the church.  However, in the 2007 speech Obama stated how his wife and he regularly attend the church.  How they seek counsel from him.

In addition, to the admittance of association the president also spurs racially divisive language.  He states that Hurricane Katrina victims were not awarded Stafford Grants as September 11th and Hurricane Andrew victims were at the time.  The statement is true.  Although his further comments basically say that the federal government didn’t care for the people of New Orleans because of the large black population.  (Sean Hannity airs portions of the 2007 video)  What the president failed to mention was that ten days before his June 5th speech the Senate voted to waive the Stafford Act.  The president was one of the 14 senators who voted against waiving the act.  His remarks ultimately insinuate the supposed racism enacted by the Bush administration.  His remarks are hypocritical and detrimental to our society.  To insinuate that the government is racist is unjustifiably divisive.  There is no place in politics for such language and rhetoric.

If a white politician made a speech stating that black government officials didn’t care for the white population then the media would have a bonanza.  In my post, Mother Jones magazine releases controversial Romney video, I abhor Mitt Romney’s “47%” statement.  Politicians should be held accountable to their careless remarks and actions.  President Obama’s situation is no different.  His comments were uncalled for and ignorantly, racially partisan.

English: US Senator Barack Obama campaigning i...

English: US Senator Barack Obama campaigning in New Hampshire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

34 days away from the election and all we’ve learned is that these candidates have a penchant for gaffes.  Hopefully, clarity is gained from this first debate.

*As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Denver, Colorado hosts first presidential debate, the first debate airs on every local channel at 9e/8c/6p.  I will be tweeting during the debate.  You can follow me @adrakontaidis or @talkrealdebate.   You could also email us at: talkrealdebate@gmail.com.


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