Texas cheerleaders banned from using biblical banners

Cheerleaders in a small town 85 miles north of Houston, Texas were barred from using banners adorned with biblical verses.  The cheerleaders, who don’t have a coach, make decisions by consensus.  They decide as a group what to write on the banners.  Cheerleader Rebekah Richardson, 17, stated: “We just wanted to encourage the boys and the fans in a way that gave honor to God.  It wasn’t supposed to be a big deal.”  An example of what’s written on a banner: “If God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31.”

Last month someone complained about the banners.  The cheerleaders are currently in court fighting to secure the right to use such banners.  The cheerleaders’ attorney argued that the district was censoring them, violating their freedoms of religion and speech.  The District lawyers countered that the signs amounted to government endorsement of religion.  In a victory of small consolation to the cheerleaders, the judge ruled the banners could be used at two more games before the next hearing.

I’m conflicted in siding with either side.  On the one hand, the girls have the right to express religious freedom.  On the other hand, the cheerleaders are a representation of the school.  As much as I want to side with the cheerleaders on this issue (I’m an ardent supporter of free speech) I reluctantly must agree with the school board.  The cheerleaders are a representation of the school.  It is irrelevant if they have a coach or not.  The girls use these banners at a public school and school events.  Therefore, I don’t believe they can exercise their religious freedom while representing the school.  A solution could be that they make the signs, wear normal clothes, sit in the stands and cheer for their team in that manner.

What do you think?

Which side is right?

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2 responses to “Texas cheerleaders banned from using biblical banners”

  1. Ava Elizabeth Wisdom says :

    This country was founded on God and on Biblical principles. Can NO ONE see the the correlation between removing God from essentially “every” facet of our lives and the stark moral and financial decline that our country is experiencing now?

    There will always be some bitter person who is “offended”. But how many were “seriously” negatively impacted? Probably one person. And I don’t buy that the person was “literally” offended.

    But how many more were encouraged by the scripture? How many hearts were touched? I’m going to speculate it was more than one.

    It amuses me that those who don’t believe in God seem to give so much energy to His cause.

    And I’m SO tired of being politically correct and tolerant of those who don’t know Jesus. I NEVER try to hassle or oppress others who don’t share my faith! So WHY is it ok to attack Christians?

    Quite frankly I’m SO sick of this I could literally vomit right now… It’s becoming an epidemic. And from the bottom of my heart I “truly” feel offended.


    Your article is informative and extremely well written. Thank you for sharing it… I wish I could say this didn’t break my heart but it does… It really, truly does, friend. 😦

    -Ava Elizabeth Wisdom

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      Ava thanks for the comment. Always appreciate reading your thoughts on these issues. I was particularly torn on taking a side on this issue. I very much want to say these girls can continue something that is truly inspiring and uplifting to the football team and the audience. What they are doing isn’t criminal and vain. They are trying to help with the foundation they know best. Thank you for the compliment. I try to improve with each post. I must say I’m quite the novice to blogging.

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