Jennifer Livingston, Wisconsin TV news anchor, takes on her bully

This week’s rant is solely directed to the imbecile who decided to tell Jennifer Livingston, Wisconsin news anchor, she was a poor role model.  This “man” knew nothing about her, yet decided it was prudent to lecture the mother on her “bad habits.”  What was more troubling was when ABC News got an exclusive interview with him on Saturday (ABC News exclusive interview with bully).  In the interview he admits he was overweight as a child and didn’t mean to insult the news anchor.  As someone who was once overweight he should have realized that most “fat” people know they are overweight.  We aren’t dumb!

There are many factors as to why people are overweight.  Being “fat” does not make one any less of a role model for children than a “skinny” news anchor.  Livingston brilliantly told her bully the truth of his stupidity.  In a 4 minute segment (Livingston video) she explained that this man doesn’t know her.  He doesn’t even watch the show.  And most importantly she isn’t defined by a number on a scale.  This “man” fails to realize comments like those are irresponsible.  Children don’t overeat because they see someone who isn’t deemed “fit” by society on TV.  One reason they overeat is because of bullies. 

Kenneth Krause, the bully, should simply shut up.

And remember as Livingston so poignantly states:

“We are better than the bullies who put us down….Do not let your self-worth be defined by bullies….The cruel words of one mean nothing compared to the shouts of many.”



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7 responses to “Jennifer Livingston, Wisconsin TV news anchor, takes on her bully”

  1. Kamil Zawadzki says :

    Well said. I’ve seen both the Livingston response clip and ABC News’ follow-up interview with the guy, and I didn’t expect him to still be a douchebag about it… And yet…
    Here’s a YouTube clip, also, from a ‘tuber’ (is that what we call YouTube video makers???) who responds to someone giving her crap about her weight.
    It says it all, from yet another angle:

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      Thanks for the comment!

      Pretty jealous of your mad blogger skills lol How the heck did you get a youtube video as a comment? I have trouble being able to showcase pictures on my home page with the “sight” theme lol

      This video is pretty awesome. Pretty much sums it up.

      • Kamil Zawadzki says :

        Haha ‘mad blogger skills’? Please.
        Honestly, all I did was just copy and paste the YouTube URL into my comment and hope for the best.
        Sometimes on my blog YouTube embeds don’t show up, either.
        And yes it can be tricky with photos sometimes, too.

        But yeah, the video is the best response ever…

      • realtalkrealdebate says :

        Btw not sure if you’ve read my post on jack Welsh but I agree with your tweets that it’s pretty dumb how now everyone is calling the numbers bad…where were the complaints a month ago?

      • Kamil Zawadzki says :

        Yeah, no kidding… if you’re gonna think ‘conspiracy!’ at least be consistent.
        Otherwise, stop creating distractions (did you notice Donald Trump in all his wisdom jumped right on board the ‘truther’ train?). As you said in your post, there is enough LEGIT reason to be critical of the numbers WITHOUT sounding like a crazy idiot and losing credibility. That’s something both Welsh and Trump, among others, would do well to recognize.

      • realtalkrealdebate says :

        Yeah he was on the view yesterday and I couldn’t help but yell for him to shut up..he and welsh give conservatives a bad name…

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