A Salute to the U.S. Military—Praise of the Week

I wanted to dedicate my praise of the week to all the military members of past, present and future.  I salute all the men and women who have lost their lives protecting this great nation.  I salute all the men and women who continue to protect this great nation.  And I salute all the men and women who will serve this great nation.  Our military members are amongst the bravest people in the world.  They are definitely braver than me.

2000  the number of soldiers killed in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as of September 30th.

12    the number of years in Afghanistan the war embarked on October 7th

I wanted to salute the soldiers, the doctors, the pilots and everyone who has risked their life for this great nation.  I often think of their sacrifices.  It’s the reason I vote in every election.  These men and women should be praised not only on Veteran’s Day.  Not only on Memorial Day.  Not only during campaign speeches and debates.  These men and women should be praised every day.  It is because of them we have the freedom to do what we want.  The freedom to say what we want.  It is because of them we are free.   Because of them we are the United States of America.

So on this day I ask that you take a moment out of your day and reflect on the sacrifices these patriots endure/d.  I ask that you take a moment to pray for their safety.  And most importantly I ask that you simply say “thank you.”  If you see our servicemen and servicewomen simply thank them.  I think this is something we all can agree on, regardless of political affiliations.

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8 responses to “A Salute to the U.S. Military—Praise of the Week”

  1. lavz17 says :

    need to be post this again on veterans day. very nice

  2. adrakontaidis says :

    Thanks for the comment! I would but that would defeat the purpose of the post. My point is, that we shouldn’t only praise our military on holidays or in campaign speeches. They protect our freedom everyday and therefore deserve our praise more often then twice a year.

  3. realtalkrealdebate says :

    Reblogged this on Real Talk and commented:

    I’ve decided to reblog this post. Wrote this last month. I hope you enjoy. 🙂

  4. davidsgal12 says :

    I would love to salute my only child, Spc Corcoran and my husband, Spc Sturm, who are both serving a 9 month tour in Afhanistan.. Love and Miss you both very much and you are my heros!!!!!! You guys are true heros.. Thank you for my rights that I have in this great country called America, its guys like these that we need to thank……

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      Thank you so much for the comment! I wanted to highlight that we should always recognize the brave men and women that protect our freedom on a daily basis. We are so lucky to have men like the ones in your family. God Bless you and your family!

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