Martha Raddatz moderates cringe-worthy vice-presidential debate in Danville, Kentucky

Martha Raddatz, ABC News Foreign Chief Correspondent, moderated the only vice-presidential debate in Danville, Kentucky.  Vice President Joe Biden and Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan battled in a at times cringe-worthy debate.  In my humble opinion, Vice President Biden was at times exceptionally rude and arrogant.  His constant laughing confused and angered me.  I couldn’t figure out if he looked like a Cheshire cat or the Joker.

His bombastic debate presence in the first half didn’t do much to sway independent voters.  Sure it psyched up his base.  But this debate’s purpose was to gain the “undecided votes.”  I think his attitude was not only beneath the dignity of the U.S. government, but off-putting to the moderate American.  Republicans won’t be pleased with Ryan allowing Biden to constantly interrupt him.  It seemed every time Ryan spoke the VP would sigh so deeply I momentarily thought Darth Vader would jump out from behind the curtains. With all due respect Mr. Vice President, these issues aren’t laugh-worthy.  In some respects, your administration is.  

It was calculated that the Vice President laughed 92 times during the 90 minute debate.  Biden laughed while Ryan spoke of a nuclear armed Iran.  He laughed when Ryan mentioned the 23 million unemployed and/or underemployed Americans.  With all due respect, there’s nothing to be laughing about.  The state of our economy isn’t a joke.  At least not to me.  Furthermore, Biden interrupted Ryan 82 times!  It’s kind of hard to make any point for that matter when you aren’t even allowed to speak uninterrupted for more than a minute.

Raddatz began the debate with a question mostly dodged by the administration.  What happened in Libya?  Once again they couldn’t answer it.  Biden said the administration had no knowledge of denied requests for added security for the Libyan consulate.  Instead of taking ownership of their blatant error, he instead blamed Ryan for cutting funding for consulate security (as if somehow the terrorist attack was Ryan’s fault).  The State Department has said that the security denials were not a product of budget cuts.

As for the questions on the war in Afghanistan the congressman stated that they agreed with the Obama administration for a 2014 deadline.  The clear distinction is and has always been that they don’t think it is a good idea to tell our enemies the exact date we will leave.  Biden said that sending fewer soldiers in “hotspots” was okay because they were increasing “trained” Afghan troops.  Reports show of corrupt factions of the Afghan police/army.  Many of our soldiers are being killed by “defective” Afghan soldiers.  A new report yesterday said that the Taliban has increased its numbers by 2 times in this year alone.  Giving our weakened enemies any glimmer of hope isn’t very smart.  It only strengthens their convictions and further jeopardizes our remaining soldier’s lives.

I thought it was kind of funny that VP Biden tried to politicize the Supreme Court by stating Judge Antonin Scalia as a “far-right” judge.  Yet, somehow Obama only picked “open-minded” candidates (Judge Elena Kagan and Judge Sonia Sotomayor).  Give me a break.  Let’s be frank.  Both candidates will choose the judges they think will side in their favor for whatever the case.  The Supreme Court will soon be hearing cases on gay marriage, affirmative action and possibly abortion.  I also don’t think its right for him to demonize the Supreme Court after they just upheld his healthcare plan.  They can’t be fair only when they pass legislation you favor.

I also thought it interesting the VP tried to only paint Ryan as part of a Congress that doesn’t do anything because of gridlock.  BOTH parties are at fault for this mess.  BOTH parties are at fault for it not getting better.  So please take some responsibility.  And remember it’s not fair to criticize our Congress.  They are too busy on vacation to defend themselves against such “misleading accusations.”

Bottom line:  Democrats will say Biden CLEARLY won.  Republicans will say Ryan did well and that Raddatz was a poor moderator.  I, who I’m not beholden to either party, believe it was a draw.  As typical, this debate will not sway the election.  The only thing I think came out of this debate is a more enthusiastic Democratic party.  Biden did a better job than his boss.  He did exactly what they wanted.  He made sure he went over all his talking points; including Romney’s infamous 47% comment.  As I predicted Biden would do far better than conservatives believed.    Raddatz did a fine job.

Until the next debate on Tuesday.

What did you think?  Who won?



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