Hempstead, New York to host presidential debate rematch

Candy Crowley, CNN Chief Political Correspondent, will moderate the second presidential debate on Tuesday.  Crowley is the first woman in 20 years to a moderate a presidential debate. The last woman to moderate a presidential debate was former ABC News anchor Carole Simpson in 1992. The 90 minute debate will consist of both foreign and economic policy questions.  However, unlike the format of the first debate, this debate will be more of a town hall meeting format.  Such debates consist of audience participation.  Citizens will have opportunities to ask both candidates questions concerning their everyday lives.

Such candid questions will make rehearsed platitudes seem entirely insincere.  The candidates will have to convey their message, but also “connect” with the citizen asking the question.  They must seem to genuinely care about “America’s problems.”  The candidates will have 2 minutes to respond and then a minute where the moderator will open to a broader discussion.  The citizens will be “undecided voters” chosen by the Gallup Organization.

What to look for:

President Obama is under mounting pressure to “redeem” himself after a lackluster performance.  A performance in which Big Bird, no less, overshadowed his meek debate performance.  There were many excuses for his “loss.”  Al Gore said it was Denver’s “altitude” (YES, seriously!).  The president said he was “too polite.”  Nevertheless, the general consensus was a clear Romney “victory.”  A “victory” substantiated by a tie-making bump in the post-debate polls.

The president needed VP Joe Biden to starve off momentum gained by the Romney/Ryan campaign.  Biden giggles and all delivered a performance that surely energized the Democratic Party.  However, his constant laughing and interrupting was ill-received by the public.  Many concluded that the moderator, Martha Raddatz, was the real winner of the debate.

I don’t think Romney will be able to be as aggressive in this debate as the first one.  He risks coming off as too bombastic and rude.  I expect the president to do very well in this debate, only because of the circumstances and the apparent fact that he is the more charismatic of the two candidates.  Oration is his specialty.  He seems like a likeable guy.  Heck I’d even like to be his friend.  Romney has a tendency to seem insincere because of his wealth.  Many people feel he can’t, no fault of his own, relate to the struggles they now face.  Although most people ignore that President Obama is also pretty wealthy.  But this seems to be the general consensus.

I think President Obama will make a brief joke of his prior, poor performance to sort of “break the ice” and will ultimately qualm Democratic fears of his nonchalant demeanor.  Romney won’t do poorly, he is a pretty savvy debater, but I think the President will “win” this debate (at least by a slim margin).  I am though interested what Obama’s response will be when eventually asked about the Libyan consulate attack.  VP Biden contradicted the State Department’s account of the terrorist attack during the vice-presidential debate.

Will you be watching?

Have you decided for whom you are voting for yet?


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