Supreme Court to tackle affirmative action

The Supreme Court is currently questioning the necessity of affirmative action in Texas.  Abigail Fisher claims her race hurt her chances of admission to the University of Texas.  Fisher, a white applicant, claims that minority applicants with lower test scores and grades were admitted to the school.  The Court’s conservative justices signaled on Wednesday they are likely to strike down the school’s affirmative action plan.  However, it is not clear the magnitude of the ruling.  There wasn’t an indication if race based admissions would be barred across all universities and colleges in the country.

Chief Justice Roberts said he was troubled by having students “check a box” to designate their race or ethnicity and by allowing officials to decide who is admitted based on this factor.  He states: “Should someone who is one-quarter Hispanic check the Hispanic box?”  A ruling could force schools to implement “race-neutral” policies to achieve diversity on campus.

Justice Samuel Alito was surprised to learn that the Texas University seeks black and Latino students from affluent families.  He states: “I thought the whole purpose of affirmative action was to help students who come from underprivileged backgrounds.”  Justice Kennedy opposes affirmative action and thinks implementing policies of admitting a certain percentage of students purely based on performance is a better means to achieve diversity.

As I have indicated before, I oppose affirmative action.  I believe in essence it is reverse discrimination.  The policy attempts to prevent discrimination to a group by essentially discriminating another group.  I think there could and should be better options.  I think an applicant’s name (because last names can sometimes hint of nationality), gender and race should be kept private when applying for college.  I do however believe that some type of policy should be instituted to aid those who do not have the fortune of academically nurturing backgrounds.

Do you think affirmative action will and should be overturned?



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