Amanda Todd suicide highlights the epidemic of cyber bullying

I was disheartened to learn this past weekend of a 16 year-old Canadian girl’s death.  Amanda Todd was an ordinary teen girl.  She wanted more than anything to fit in.  To love.  To be loved.  What she got in return was vitriol that can only be deemed as evil.  During 7th grade the teen would go on a webcam and chat with friends.  She met and talked to new people as well.  One person flattered her with comments of her beauty.  The guy asked her to flash him.  In a moment of impulse she obliged.  Amanda thought nothing of the incident.

A month later she got a request on Facebook from the pervert to now put on a show for him or he’d release her topless photo.  He somehow knew her address, friends, family and other personal information.  She refused and thought nothing of it.  During Christmas break she awoke to the police notifying her that her topless photo had been released.  The teen subsequently became depressed and turned to alcohol and drugs. 

A year goes by and this guy again finds her new address.  He creates a Facebook page where he uses her photo as the main picture.  He once again humiliates her.  She lost all her friends and became ostracized by the students of her school.  The depression now led her to start cutting herself.  She had to move once again.

A month later she started talking to an old friend.  He led her one.  He told her he loved her.  He later revealed to her he had a girlfriend.  By then she was in love.  He invited her over one day when he said she had gone on vacation.  They ultimately slept together.   A week later she gets a text to go outside her school.  She is met by his girlfriend and friends.  They beat her up and leave her in a ditch.  Todd goes home and attempts to kill herself by drinking bleach.

She fails.  What she does accomplish is getting hate messages of people disappointed she didn’t succeed! Todd never pressed charges against the group because she thought the boy liked her.  She eventually learned he only wanted sex.  Six months past by and people were still telling her she should kill herself.  She should consider using a different bleach.

Todd then begins taking anti-depressants after she starts cutting herself again.  She would later overdose and spend two days in the hospital.  Todd posted a video on YouTube in September chronicling her bullying.  She ended it by saying she had nobody and desperately wanted a friend.  On October 10th, she hung herself.

The kids that bullied her should be prosecuted.  The comments on Facebook were abhorrent.  This girl made two mistakes and somehow she is depicted as a mass murderer.  Teen bullying is a real issue.  It isn’t addressed by our government at all.  Mind you this happened in Canada, but these things happen all the time in the U.S.  I don’t understand why no one has been charged.  These kids posted messages telling her to kill herself.  The boy who essentially stalked her should be charged as well.

I’ll never be able to understand the lunacy of bullying; although I suspect it is the perpetrator’s own lack of self-esteem.  Teens must understand that their actions and hateful comments matter.  They shouldn’t be able to make such incendiary and deadly comments to others.  There has to be some sort of accountability.  Otherwise these sad events will never end.  If anything I think they will just become worse.

*You can visit the many Facebook pages dedicated to Amanda’s memory and ending teen bullying.  The family wants people to tweet her story with the hash tag #RIPAmandaTodd.

What are your thoughts on teen bullying?


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