Constructionpalooza is the name I’ve coined for the abundant construction projects littering my home state of Illinois.  Construction projects that seemingly NEVER end.  For some reason it takes people five months to make new sidewalks.  You’d think the workers would be laying bricks of gold.  Gold certainly excavated by the construction workers themselves.  It would be the only logical reason for the delay.  I don’t understand why a project is started, then abandoned for a week, then renewed, then abandoned.  This has been the story of my life this summer.

Not only have these projects become of great annoyance, but for some reason the architect of these renovations decided to “fix” an area and its many alternative routes, AT THE SAME TIME.  Just another genius leader.  Must be a relative of Emanuel.  Or Boehner.  Or Pelosi.  As Mother Nature bypasses the fall season and blankets America with freezing temperatures I can only hope the projects will be done before the first snowfall.

Here’s hoping for an end to Constructionpalooza.

Never liked you.  Surely won’t miss you.


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2 responses to “Constructionpalooza”

  1. Nancy says :

    You should know by now that there are 5 seasons in Illinois. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter & Construction. Construction is the longest of the five. As long as we are getting funding from Washington, there will be more & more construction!

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