Newsweek: Heaven is Real

The October 15th issue of Newsweek prints an excerpt of Dr. Eben Alexander’s book Proof of Heaven.  In it he details his “near-death” experience and how it changed his entire perspective of heaven and the afterlife.  Dr. Alexander was a Christian more by name than by actual practice.  He rarely ever attended church and because of his scientific perspective he objected any theory of heaven.  He assumed stories of near-death experiences were caused due to a loss of oxygen in the brain; thus creating vivid hallucinations.  Since he couldn’t explain heaven, he didn’t believe in it.

Four years ago he was rushed to the emergency room where he was put into a coma.  Alexander states: “Neurosurgeons determined that I had contracted a very rare bacterial meningitis that mostly attacks newborns.  E. coli bacteria had penetrated my cerebrospinal fluid and were eating my brain.”  He had a slim chance if any beyond a vegetative state.  His mind was essentially shut down.  CT scans showed no brain activity in the seven days of his coma.  The doctors were contemplating removing his life-support when he opened his eyes (a miracle in itself). 

What happened during his coma is what has convinced him now of heaven’s existence.  During his coma he awoke to clouds that were “big puffy, pink-white ones that showed up sharply against the deep blue-black sky.”  He was met by a girl he had never seen before.  Somehow they communicated in a means transcendent to the ways we speak on Earth.  Words need not be spoken in his heavenly experience.  The woman communicated to him: “You are loved and cherished, dearly, forever.  You have nothing to fear.  There is nothing you can do wrong.  We will show you many things here…but eventually, you will go back.”  Alexander had forgotten where back was.  The woman then guided him through heaven. 

Since his heavenly experience the doctor has had a change of heart with regards to heaven’s existence.  He states: “What happened to me destroyed it (his previous notion), and I intend to spend the rest of my life investigating the true nature of consciousness and making the fact that we are more, much more, than our physical brains…”  His novel Proof of Heaven chronicles his entire heavenly experience.

According to the Pew Center, 1 out of every 5 Americans has no religious affiliations.  Now I’m not the most religious person, in the sense I don’t regularly attend church. I do however consider myself a very spiritual person with a religious affiliation to the Greek Orthodox Church.  I believe in the doctrine of the church.  I believe in heaven.  I believe that one day I will be reunited with my loved ones, in particular with my dad.  There is no wavering in my belief.  To me it is another fact of life.

I will admit that when my father died I temporarily lost faith in God.  I couldn’t understand why he’d take my father away from me at such a young age, 11.  Over time I’ve come to terms with his death.  I came to terms that everything happened for a reason.  I might not know exactly what it is, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t one.  God has a plan for all of us.  It’s just a matter of you fulfilling your destiny.  I often feel my dad’s presence; guiding me to make the right decisions.  His presence substantiates the existence of heaven to me.

Do you believe in Heaven?

If not, how do you explain this experience?




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