Candy Crowley moderates fiery presidential debate at Hofstra University

Candy Crowley moderated the 2nd presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York.  President Obama was under mounting pressure to overcome his meek performance that was surprisingly overshadowed by Big Bird.  Last week, Vice President Biden excited the Democratic Party with a bombastic performance that many thought moderator, Martha Raddatz, won with her commanding moderation.  Obama had to balance a more aggressive debate style, while simultaneously accentuating his charismatic qualities with the town hall constituents.

President Obama came out of the gun representing the debater I remembered.  The debate was very bombastic and cringe-worthy.  Governor Romney seemed to follow Biden’s debate style in that he interrupted the President and moderator many times.  I think Romney was quite discourteous at times. The debate became very heated at times with both candidates often standing side by side arguing their points.

I thought President Obama was mostly polite, suave, and smooth in his response.  Granted both candidates meandered from answering the questions.  President Obama, armed with his taking points, feverishly attacked the Governor.  I thought the debate was uncomfortable at times to watch because of the interrupting.  The candidates needed to respect the “undecided voters” waiting to ask their questions.

I didn’t hear anything new from either candidate.  I felt I was watching highlights of the conventions and campaign trail.  A major topic was the economy. The president was right in saying he inherited a horrible economy.  But he failed to explain why he has added nearly 6 trillion dollars to the total deficit when he said it was unpatriotic of President Bush to be adding debt each year.

As expected the president was asked about the Libyan consulate attack.  The “undecided voter” asked the president why there wasn’t sufficient security at the Benghazi consulate.  I thought his response was weak.  He didn’t answer the question.  When pressured by Crowley he took responsibility the day after Secretary Hilary Clinton took full responsibility for the lapse in security.  I think Romney could have done a better job in attacking the president on the Libyan attack.  It seemed almost like I knew more about the details revealed at the State Department hearings than Governor Romney.  The president said (on the Libyan attack): “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation…” That however is not the same thing as calling it a terrorist act.  Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary, and Susan Rice, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., unequivocally said the attack was a product of riots created from the YouTube video.  Why is his administration stating one thing if he believes another?

As far as the moderator, I thought Candy Crowley did a pretty good job.  She maintained some sense of guidelines.  I think the president wonderfully answered his closing statement.  He ended the debate by slyly mentioning the 47% comment, knowing the Governor didn’t have time to respond.

Bottom Line:

I think Romney was oftentimes rude.  Maybe not as often as Biden, but enough to make me cringe and yell at him to stop talking.  I think the President came out exactly as I expected.  I think he won this debate, albeit by a slim margin, because he was generally polite and was extremely strategic in when he attacked the Governor.  Ending with the 47% comment was ingenious.  Again I think the left will say Obama won and the right will say Romney won.

I expected more from Romney.  I shouldn’t know his talking points better than he does.  I’m not the one running for president (at least not yet).  I think the election might come down to this last debate.  I think we will see a small bump in the polls in Obama’s favor.


What were your thoughts on the debate?

Who “won” the debate?

What were your thoughts on the moderator?



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