Bob Schieffer to moderate third and final presidential debate in Boca Raton, Florida

Bob Schieffer, host of “Face the Nation” on CBS, will moderate the final presidential debate.  Schieffer won praise for challenging evasive answers as moderator of a 2008 presidential debate. The format for the debate will be identical to the first presidential debate  and will exclusively focus on foreign policy issues.  The candidates however will be seated at a table, similar to the vice-presidential debate, unlike the first debate where they stood behind a podium. The six topics include: America’s role in the world, the war in Afghanistan and relations with Pakistan, “Red Lines”- Israel and Iran, the changing Middle East and the new face of terrorism (in two parts), and the rise of China and tomorrow’s world. The final debate will conclude what has been a contentious and combative series of debates.  The first debate saw the rise of Big Bird and a meek performance from the incumbent.  Most people agreed that President Obama seemed too nonchalant and aloof in demeanor.  His poor performance allowed for the emergence of the flagging Romney/Ryan campaign.  Had Governor Romney lost the first debate the race would essentially be over.

The vice-presidential debate saw the rise of Martha Raddatz as she moderated a cringe-worthy debate.  Vice President Biden couldn’t seem to stop laughing, so much so that he looked quite irreverent.  Biden certainly energized the Democratic base, but couldn’t decrease Romney’s gain in the polls.  The pressure on the President to come out “swinging” was extremely high.  He had to prove he wanted to keep his job.

And “swinging” he came.  President Obama brought his “A game.”  His fiery debate ignited one of the most contentious debates in presidential history.  Both candidates at times seemed oblivious to the guidelines of the debate.  It seemed neither candidate bothered to read what the general format of the town hall debate consisted of before engaging in the debate itself.  In the end, I deduced a marginal Obama victory due to the petulant attitude exhibited by Governor Romney.

The question surely to arise in this debate will be about the Libyan consulate terrorist attack.  The president will need to answer why sufficient security wasn’t posted at the Libyan consulate.  Romney’s comments on this specific issue will be extremely critical because he failed to capitalize on the administration’s security lapse.  He got caught up on the semantics of the issue, as oppose to the strategic lapse in judgment.

This last debate will surely be a great one.  It would be nice for the candidates to directly answer the question as oppose to attack the other.  The unfortunate detail of the debate that I’ve taken issue with is the fact the last debate will air at 8 pm Central on Monday, October 22nd.  It is unfortunate because the Bears v. Lions MNF game will begin airing at 7:30 pm Central.  I am bit disappointed the president (a Chicagoan) didn’t ask for the time or date to be changed.  Oh well.  Thank God for DVR.

Will you be watching?

Have you decided who you will vote for?


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