Bob Schieffer to moderate third and final presidential debate in Boca Raton, Florida

These are my thoughts on tomorrow’s debate. For those who didn’t get a chance to read them last week.

Real Talk

Bob Schieffer, host of “Face the Nation” on CBS, will moderate the final presidential debate.  Schieffer won praise for challenging evasive answers as moderator of a 2008 presidential debate. The format for the debate will be identical to the first presidential debate  and will exclusively focus on foreign policy issues.  The candidates however will be seated at a table, similar to the vice-presidential debate, unlike the first debate where they stood behind a podium. The six topics include: America’s role in the world, the war in Afghanistan and relations with Pakistan, “Red Lines”- Israel and Iran, the changing Middle East and the new face of terrorism (in two parts), and the rise of China and tomorrow’s world. The final debate will conclude what has been a contentious and combative series of debates.  The first debate saw the rise of Big Bird and a meek performance from the…

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