Limitations on political reelections

I’d like to preface this post by stating that my following proposal is not an indictment of President Obama or Vice President Joe Biden.  I would like to make the case of limiting the reelection efforts of politicians.  Politicians from BOTH major parties share the common practice of campaigning for reelection or for other positions while still serving the term they were initially elected for by their constituents.  Basically, I don’t think politicians should be allowed to run for reelection while in office; therefore I would like to restrict consecutive terms for most elected positions.

I do not believe an elected official can justifiably and efficiently execute (at least not to their best of ability) their term if they spend half of it campaigning for reelection.  For example, a congressman who is elected in 2012 will probably begin campaigning for reelection by late 2013.  I don’t see how that serves the constituents that elected him.  I think politicians should serve their term.  I see a term as a contract.  You shouldn’t be actively seeking another job or another contract immediately after getting the first one.  You were elected to get the job done and therefore you should do your job. 

I think the presidential term should be limited to: 2 non-consecutive 5-year terms.  I think 5 years is sufficient time to properly execute the legislation they deem prudent and to see the effects of such legislation.  By preventing the president from seeking a consecutive term, he/she is forced to rightfully focus all their attention and energy to achieving their agenda.  I think every branch of government would work far more effectively and efficiently if politicians were forced to complete their term without distractions of a campaign.

Almost every incumbent president runs for reelection.  That is why I wanted to point out that by no means I’m I suggesting this proposal because of our current president.  He is only doing what his predecessors did before him.  I just happen to think he shouldn’t be able to run for reelection.  Nor should Congressman Ryan.  They have an obligation to uphold.  I also don’t think it’s good to have the same politicians in office for a long time.  It creates complacency.  New candidates bring forth new approaches and ideas.

I’ve heard many opinions on this topic already.  Some agree with me for the most part, but argue they like some politicians and don’t want them to be prevented from reelection.

What do you think?

Should politicians be able to run for reelection?


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3 responses to “Limitations on political reelections”

  1. David Taylor Jr. says :

    Interesting point of view. So you don’t believe there should ever be consecutive terms for any office? Also, while I agree that THIS President has not fulfilled duties while on the campaign trail, I believe past Presidents have.

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      I think in most cases there shouldn’t be consecutive terms in office. I can’t think of an instance where it would be okay. I think there have been many presidents who have done an admirable job while campaigning, I don’t think you can do your job to the best of your potential if any of your time is allocated to a reelection campaign. Our elected officials should give us only their best efforts. Nothing less. I think a five or maybe a six year term (similar to the U.S. Senate term) is ample time to enact substantive legislation.

      Thanks for the comment!

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