No excuses! Go vote!

There has been false information circulating in parts of the country.  In Florida, Virginia and Indiana, voters have received phone calls that they don’t need to cast their ballot in person, but could rather vote by phone.  The assertion is false.  Voters have the following ways of casting their ballots: early voting, absentee ballots and by casting their ballot on Election Day.

Early voting began Monday in Illinois and ends November 3rd.  33 states and the District of Columbia allow some form of early voting and not all states begin and end their early voting periods the same days.  By Thursday, there had been a 51% increase in early voting in Chicago.  It is estimated that this election will see record-breaking early cast ballots.  Voting early is an easy and convenient option (I voted early).  In Illinois you can vote early Monday through Saturday from 9am to 5pm.  Furthermore, you can mail you ballot in for the first time without giving an excuse as to why you can’t go to the polling place. 

There has been some controversy with the Koch brothers who have come under fire for sending a “voter information packet” to 45k employees of their companies.  In 2010, a Supreme Court ruling overturned laws banning employers from directly expressing their political opinions to their employees.  The packet lists their preferred candidates, but does not endorse any candidate.  It also does not state the workers would lose their jobs if they didn’t vote in their favor. The letter also states: “the candidate you pick is your choice and your choice alone.”

Critics argue that employers should not be “intimidating” their employees in voting for specific candidates.  The Koch brothers argue that unions and newspapers go further and endorse certain candidates.  In that sense I can see their point.  I think being upfront with your employees is a good thing.  As long as you don’t tell them they have to vote one way I don’t see the problem.

As much as I’d like to see Governor Romney elected President I do not and will not tell people whom to vote for.  I merely present facts and my opinions and people can make their own assertions.  What I do implore everyone though is to vote; especially the younger generation.  I am so tired of hearing that “we” don’t care.  Yes, I know the entire process can become disenchanting, but think of all the people who have sacrificed their lives to ensure we can vote.  Think of our military members that are fighting right now for our freedom.  Think of the fact women weren’t allowed to vote until 1920.  Black people couldn’t vote until 1870 (although they didn’t gain true equality until the 1965 Civil Rights Movement).

It’s not that hard to vote.

Don’t make excuses!

No matter whom you support.

Next time you think you aren’t going to vote, think about all these people who have paved the way for you to vote.  Think about all the people in the world who aren’t even allowed to vote.  Aren’t given a voice.  A choice.

Make your voice heard and go vote!


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