Hurricane Sandy highlights America’s resiliency and the American spirit…

For weeks meteorologists had been discussing the tropical storm formation of what would infamously become Hurricane Sandy.  Last week, predictions began to arise that almost definitively put the hurricane in a path to strike America’s east coast.  Governor Chris Christie (NJ), Governor Andrew Cuomo (NY), New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and President Obama emphatically warned Americans to take the seriousness of the storm in their preparations.  They urged people to not be complacent in their preparations.  Now it would be easy to dedicate my “praise of the week” to these men who exemplified leadership and conviction under severe duress, unprecedented in American history. 

However, I’ve chosen to dedicate this blog entry to all the Americans who bravely and stoically saved and continue to save lives in the east coast.  Men and women who will never gain the recognition or the praise they individually deserve.  I’m referring to the firefighters, first responders, police officers and other governmental officials.  I’m referring to the men and women who saved their neighbors.  To the nurses, doctors and paramedics in NYU who evacuated the intensive-care patients.  To the nurse who cradled the newborn baby in her arms down 6 flights of stairs.  I’m referring to them and many more.

Hurricane Sandy ravaged the east coast.  It continues to cause havoc to parts of the country.  The super storm is truly a freak of nature.  Its magnitude and ferocity is enormous.  However, there is one thing far more powerful.  And that is the American spirit.  Americans have for centuries been taken to the brink and have come back stronger than ever.  We bicker over politics and other issues; but when it comes down to it we are united.  We always come back.  We never give up.

Our resilience has been tested several times in the past, most notably after September 11th.  Our resilience and genuine compassion for one another is substantiated when we hear stories of bravery.  Instead of stories of looting and violence, we hear stories of valiant people ensuring the safety of others.  It is this spirit that gives me hope.  It is this spirit that proves our greatness.  And most importantly it is this spirit that assures me that no matter what life and Mother Nature throws at us America will not only stand firm but will emerge stronger.  More united than ever.

After all these are the United States of America.


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