Electoral College should be eliminated

A couple of months ago I briefly discussed my thoughts on the Electoral College and that essentially I believe that the system should be eliminated.  As the election grows nearer America is presented a likely scenario that a presidential candidate could garner the popular vote, yet lose in the electoral vote tally; thus failing to become president.  This feat of course has happened 4 times in our history, most recently (and notably) in the Bush v. Gore election (an election that is still a hot-button topic to many people).  Many political analysts predict Governor Mitt Romney to win the popular vote, but President Obama to win reelection by passing the elusive 270 electoral vote threshold. 

There are other more minute scenarios that could prove more troubling.  There is a small chance that America could see a Mitt Romney/Joe Biden presidency.  That’s not a typo.  Suppose Romney and Obama tied in electoral votes (269-269).  The newly elected House of Representatives would vote to elect the next president.  Each state would get one vote in deciding the president.  Since there are far more conservative-leaning states than liberal-leaning states, Mitt Romney would virtually be assured to be elected president.

Now you may ask how Joe Biden could wind up as Romney’s vice-president.  Similar to how the House of Representatives elect the president, the U.S. Senate elects the vice-president.  With the Democratic Party likely to maintain control of the Senate, Joe Biden could be elected to office.  Each senator gets one vote.  If there is a 50-50 tie, then the current vice-president is the tie-breaker vote.  Yes, this scenario is minute in possibility, but still possible.  And that is one reason why the system must be reevaluated.

With 5-7 battleground states closely contested, automatic recounts could be initiated.  It is likely America will wake up November 7th not knowing the winner of the presidential election.  It could take weeks for early votes and provisional ballots to be counted.  A win would have to be decided by December 17th when the electoral votes are legally cast. 

One reason the Electoral College was initiated was to give rural areas a “voice” in the election.  What it really did was create a behemoth of added legality to the election.  Basing the outcome of the presidential election on the populace vote would be not only simple but the logical means in the future.  Some could argue the Electoral College makes it almost impossible for a third-party candidate to ever win.  Why should we have to choose between 2 candidates?  I think by basing the election on the popular vote, more Americans will participate in the electoral process.  Votes cast in traditionally Democratic and Republican states would actually matter in the general election.  I know so many people who don’t care to vote in this election because their vote essentially will have no bearing in the general election (in terms of the presidential race).

I am certainly tired of this election coming down to the few battleground states (i.e. Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Wisconsin and Iowa).  My vote is just as important as someone’s in Ohio.  As someone else pointed out, this isn’t the United States of Ohio.  This is the United States of America.  Therefore, everyone’s vote should matter.

What do you think?

Should the Electoral College be eliminated?  What system would you implement?

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5 responses to “Electoral College should be eliminated”

  1. mariampera says :

    My brother and I were having a discussion about the electoral college just the other day, and we largely agreed with you. If your vote *really* mattered, maybe more people would get out there. I mean, we’ve got early voting lines lasting hours so that’s a great sign. Maybe if we break the 50% margin of who actually votes consistently enough, we might move to eliminating the college. Until then, I think it’s here to stay.

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      I think, and hopefully I’m wrong, this election will take weeks to be determined…I think this will be worse than 2000. Several of the battleground states have an automatic recount if its within 1% margin. Ohio doesn’t finish counting early votes until Nov 15 and then they start provisional ballots…I just don’t understand why we make things more difficult..popular vote is pretty simple to me

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