Just because you disagree with me doesn’t mean I am stupid

My rant of the week is dedicated to all those dissenters who deem my opinions and more so me as someone intellectually inept.  Now I welcome debate.  That is the main purpose of this blog.  What I don’t welcome are rude and arrogant individuals who think it is their duty to lecture me on their opinions.  I implore those who wish to engage in a debate with me that in the process of debating it is wise and certainly required that you actually read my entire response.  It is also a good idea to read what you state as well.

There are two individuals in particular whose comments were obtuse.  One person told me that my opinion in separating my religious beliefs and my political beliefs was stupid.  That somehow following the law was illogical.  Another person disagreed with my opinion on abortion.  He told me I obviously hadn’t thought my stance over (since I didn’t agree with him).  We don’t live in a dictatorship.  Everyone has the freedom to have an opinion.  If you don’t agree with mine, that’s fine.  I respect your opinion.  I just don’t agree with it. 

What’s dumb is thinking that I haven’t thoroughly thought my stance.  No one, but me, knows the amount of time I put into thinking my opinions over.  I do not take these issues (especially my opinion on abortion) lightly.  I am not some android-being devoid of a heart.  Please don’t make assumptions of my life.  Of my upbringing.  You know nothing about me.  I have never told someone their opinion is dumb.  Or that they haven’t thought it thoroughly over enough.

The genius of this country is that we have the right to our own opinion.  That we can vote for the candidate who mostly agrees with our opinions.  When you neglect to read my opinion, or even what you’ve previously stated in our “debate,” I will choose to no longer correspond with you.  When you choose to call me stupid, you don’t “win” the debate.  You simply end it.  At that point it no longer is a debate.  It is you giving me a lecture on your beliefs.  I’m no longer in school.  So I don’t have to sit through anymore lectures.

And remember…the only thing stupid is you thinking your opinion is always and only right.

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2 responses to “Just because you disagree with me doesn’t mean I am stupid”

  1. Kamil Zawadzki says :

    Oh, my God, thank you for this!

  2. Kamil Zawadzki says :

    Reblogged this on Outspoken and commented:
    Damn fucking straight.

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