President Obama wins the 2012 presidential election and is reelected to 2nd term

It has been an excruciatingly, long campaign season.  After months of grueling campaign stops, historic debates and billions of dollars spent, America has learned the victor of the 2012 presidential election.  For months Americans have been inundated with the argument that the election would seemingly come down to the outcome in Ohio.  In the end, it didn’t matter.  With President Obama’s victory in Florida, there wasn’t any feasible means of victory for Governor Romney.

As someone who voted for Governor Romney I am certainly disappointed in tonight’s outcome.  However, I am hopeful and I pray that things will change in Obama’s second term.  Typically presidents do better in their second term.  They typically focus on being reelected in their first term.  Their second term is generally where they look to cement a legacy of sorts.  I am hoping that President Obama fulfills his promises in his second term.  Yes, it seems he will encounter the same stalwart GOP House of Representatives. 

Unlike Rush Limbaugh I hope President Obama succeeds in his second term.  I hope America returns to its preeminent stature.  To the country every other looks up to.  I hope he deals with our growing debt crisis and hope he brings unemployment down.  I put my country first.  That is why it is important President Obama succeeds.  I hope the GOP leaders look at this race and the 08’ beating and realize that America is changing.  Being ardent in the opposition to “path to citizenship” legislation will only distance the party from the Hispanic population.  Telling illegal immigrants to “self-deport” isn’t going to win any votes other than from passionate, fringe Republicans.  Maintaining fringe party leaders is only detrimental to the “Party of Lincoln.”  I think the party needs to do some “soul searching.”

In the end, Americans weren’t completely sold the president had done a great job in his first term.  Americans however, weren’t sold Governor Romney could do any better.  Although early polls showed Romney winning the electoral votes from Florida, he ultimately lost to President Obama.  He lost because he couldn’t relate to average Americans.  Let’s be honest now.  Governor Romney had a very slim chance of winning this election, because of the Electoral College process.  President Obama had many options for winning the election.

I’ve had to stomach my preferred candidate losing in previous elections.  I voted for Senator McCain in 2008.  He lost.  After watching then-Senator Obama’s victory speech I was inspired that a new dawn had set on American politics.  For the sake of this great nation, I hope this finally comes to fruition.  I hope our political leaders realize their egos are impeding on America’s recovery.  Get the job done already.

What I fear is that we will once again see the same divided Congress; the Congress that spends more time on vacation then passing substantive legislation.  I hope President Obama mimics presidents of past (most recently President Clinton) and works in a bi-partisanship fashion.  Yes, I am disappointed Romney lost.  But I am hopeful things will change.  Although that certainly is a naive notion, I sure hope it isn’t.

And to those who share in my disappointment, remember one thing.

Country first.

Obama won.

Get over it.


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8 responses to “President Obama wins the 2012 presidential election and is reelected to 2nd term”

  1. Kamil Zawadzki says :

    Reblogged this on Outspoken and commented:
    Yes, to everything listed here. Except that, of course, I didn’t vote Romney as this blogger did, but I applaud this post.

  2. Nancy says :

    He is a Lame Duck President. He will do nothing except raise our national debt to 32 trillion. He is looking forward to begin his paid speaking engagements in 4 years. He wants to be Bill Clinton Jr.!

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