David Axelrod wagers to shave his mustache for epilepsy foundation

If you’ve been reading my blogs, then by now you would venture to guess that I’m a conservative.  However, it does not mean I don’t give praise to people of both parties.  This week I am offering my praise to David Axelrod.  Axelrod was a campaign advisor for both successful Obama presidential campaigns.  Even though I differed from his political beliefs I certainly liked him more than Stephanie Cutter  (another Obama strategist).  A couple of weeks ago, he stated on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that if President Obama were to lose in Pennsylvania, Minnesota or Michigan (traditionally Democratic-leaning states) he’d shave his mustache. 

Axelrod has grown a mustache for the past four decades.  In fact his wife has never seen him without one.  As you probably by now know, President Obama won the electoral votes from those states, thus saving his mustache.  On Thursday, Axelrod said he’d still shave his mustache on live TV if he can raise $1 million for epilepsy research by November 30th.  Axelrod’s wife, Susan, helped establish the organization in 1998 to promote research and education about the disease.  Their daughter, Lauren, has epilepsy.

The group raised $70,000 in the first five hours after his announcement.  Donations can be made at slashthestache.com.  As of 11/10 at 11 am (CT) the foundation has raised $207,176.54.  I praise Axelrod because he has used the publicity he received from his wager to do something good by simply shaving his mustache.  I hope he reaches the goal to support epilepsy research.

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