CIA director General David Petraeus resigns after extramarital affair with Paula Broadwell

My rant of the week is solely dedicated to two immature people who allowed their carnal urges to override their morals and logic.  On Friday, General David Petraeus, a highly lauded military official, resigned after a FBI investigation proved of his affair with a biographer.  Paula Broadwell, a major in the Army reserve, is a mother of two and is married to radiologist Scott Broadwell.  Broadwell is best known for writing the glowing biography of the General earlier this year.  In writing the biography “All In: The Education of General David Petraeus” (I’ll leave comedians to make jokes of the title) Broadwell gained unprecedented access to sensitive information.  I guess we know why.

The FBI investigation was initiated after people began receiving emails from someone harassing them.  The emails ended up being traced back to Broadwell.  I don’t buy this argument that somehow she had no idea the bombshell was coming, especially a day after her birthday.  How could she be so dense?  Did a Harvard and West Point graduate really believe she could email the director of the CIA and other workers about the affair and it wouldn’t come out?  I find it highly doubtful. 

I’ve heard some TV commentators laud Petraeus for coming clean and not denying the results of the investigation.  Are you kidding me?  He didn’t come clean on his own account.  There was an investigation!  This was coming out with or without his consent.  There is nothing honorable with what he has done.  He is certainly a great soldier and should be applauded for that.  However, I can separate the two.  Cheating on his devoted wife, Holly, of almost 40 years is reprehensible.  I just don’t understand how he could do that to her.  Likewise I don’t understand how Broadwell could cheat on her husband.

Why do men think added power equals added partners?  A cheater is a cheater.  Don’t care what position you maintain.  Acknowledging an affair after an investigation bears no semblance of honor.  What’s more perplexing is how a man praised for his discipline couldn’t keep his pants up.  I might seem a bit harsh to this war hero, but in my opinion your past accomplishments don’t give you a free pass on immoral actions.  I always thought it was family first.  I guess not everyone heeds to that credence.

I’m disappointed in this man who I once admired.

I guess you never do know somebody.


What do you think?  Do you think I’m too harsh?



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