Racism: the unfortunate reincarnation through social media

My rant this week is dedicated to the racist, misogynistic, sexist and prejudice people that have used the internet as a means to cower behind their hate.  My co-blogger Mariam Pera, recently wrote an open letter to Mitt Romney after his comments in which he believed President Obama was reelected in part because he gave “gifts” to particular voters.   She offered her dissatisfaction with Romney’s comments and his knack for segregating sections of the population.  We both welcome debate.  This really is the purpose of this blog.  What we don’t seek are comments from racist people who have nothing better to do than attempt to besmirch the spirit of our debate. 

I say attempt because these people only besmirch themselves.  I’ve come to learn that when people can’t argue their stance they default to name-calling.  It is the juvenile instinct they so dearly cling to.  I believe that social media and the internet have reincarnated bigotry.  I don’t think it ever went away, but I think bigots now spew their hate via the internet, ignorant to the ridiculousness of their comments.  They cower behind their computers thinking they are safe to state whatever they say without confronting an offended victim.

I hope you read the comments on Mariam’s post.  One person in particular with the Twitter account @NickPap4 was the first one to respond with hate.  His avatar picture, which has since been deleted (but is still used for his Twitter account), was of a photo shopped picture of President Obama.  Obama’s lips were enlarged and he had an Afro.  Also in the avatar were pictures of fried chicken and watermelon.  If you visit his Twitter profile he says he isn’t racist, but a realist.  The only thing realistic is that he is an unfortunate excuse for a person.

If you can’t debate your opinion without name-calling then you’ve already lost.  You’ve lost because you know you don’t have a point.  You know you don’t have any merit in your argument.  You revert to your childish instincts to bully.

Grow up already.

Get a life.

And as Mariam so eloquently stated in her response: “There is only one race: the human race.  And if you don’t like it then move to Mars.”

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