Appreciate your mother everyday

For my praise of the week I wanted to reblog this post I wrote last month. Thanks Mom for a great Thanksgiving! 🙂 If you haven’t read this yet, I hope you enjoy reading the post.

Real Talk

A couple of weeks ago I dedicated my “Praise of the Week” to the U.S. military.  I discussed how I thought that our military should be praised more often than during federal holidays, campaign speeches and after successful missions.  This week I am dedicating this post to all the moms of the world.

No it isn’t Mother’s Day.

It isn’t my mom’s birthday.

It isn’t Christmas or any other holiday.

My mom is my hero.  She is the rock of my family.  She has had to play role of both parents after my dad died when I was in elementary school.  She did not succumb to the obstacles of life.  She did not cower from adversity.  She has raised and continues to raise my brothers, sisters and their children.  Like so many mothers, she does so much and doesn’t get the praise she deserves.  She deserves praise every day. …

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