Illinois Congressman Jessie Jackson Jr. resigns

Jessie Jackson Jr. resigned on Wednesday after being reelected with 63% of the vote.  For those who read my recent post, you know that I knew he would resign.  It was painfully obvious.  His unfortunate reelection was also obvious.  Chicagoans reelected a man who had been at the Mayo Clinic (for bipolar disorder and gastrointestinal issues) for periods of times since June 8th.  He made no effort to campaign for his seat and avoided the media like the plague.  Jackson Jr. is under investigation for using campaign funds to furnish his Washington D.C. house and for using funds to purchase a $40,000 Rolex for his mistress.

Jackson Jr. should have conceded his spot for Congressman.  As typical, he selfishly remained on the ballot box.  My opinion is that he wanted to keep the position in the family.  His wife, Sandy, is a Chicago Alderman.  His wife and even his brother could potentially seek to be elected this spring in the special election.  His selfishness is expected to cost the city $5 million.  Many believe he wanted to use the Congressional seat as leverage in his plea deal.  It is a fact the disgraced Congressman is working on plea deal with the FBI.  It is expected that he will see jail time. 

For those not familiar with Chicago politics, you shouldn’t be surprised by his reelection or his selfishness.  Chicagoans also reelected Congressman Derrick Smith who was expelled from the Illinois Congressional House on bribery charges.  A sting operation found the Congressman guilty of accepting a $7,000 bribe.  For the first time in 107 years a Congressman was expelled from the Illinois House of Representatives.  However, he was allowed to remain on the ballot because he won the Democratic primary.  Because he was reelected, there is no legal means to prevent him from serving as a Congressman (because of a law similar to “double jeopardy”).  A judge last week incredulously set his trial for October of next year.  The judge said there were too many cases ahead of this trial.  I guess expediting a case on a man who will serve as a U.S. Congressman isn’t a priority.  Let’s just wait until almost half his term is done.  Great idea.  Sure.

John Kass, a writer for the Chicago Tribune, asked Reverend Jessie Jackson if his son should have run for office given his health and mental status.  The Reverend responded that is was “inappropriate” to ask such questions.  The only thing that is “inappropriate” is that corrupt politicians think its okay to waste tax payer dollars.  It’s “inappropriate” to lead on his constituents that he will be okay to do his job, only to resign two weeks later.  And it’s “inappropriate” for his son to use tax payer dollars to furnish his house and lavish his mistress.  That Mr. Reverend is what is “inappropriate.”

But who knows, maybe I just have a distorted sense of morality.  Regardless, I hope Chicagoans take this resignation as a sign that hey maybe we should do some basic research before we elect our representatives.  Maybe then politicians will believe we will keep them accountable.  Until then, these events will continue to occur; especially in a state with a plethora of criminal politicians.

If you voted for Congressman Smith or Jackson Jr. I hope you are content with your decision.

You certainly can’t complain.

Remember that.

What do you think about the resignation?


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