Thank you!

With this being our 100th post we wanted to dedicate our “Praise of the Week” to you the reader.  The time has seemingly “flown” by since we started this fledgling blog in late August.  What we hoped to accomplish was to begin a debate on topics from people who truly represent the general public.  Not from political pundits who offer a skew of the reality of the debate; but from everyday Americans who understand the concept of compromise.

What we received is an overwhelming response from you the reader.  We encourage everyone to offer their opinion.  We sincerely appreciate every single like, comment, email or tweet we’ve received.  Well maybe not every comment 🙂  As much as we welcome debate we don’t welcome personal attacks.  If you can’t argue your point without spewing hateful rhetoric, then please continue on.  We really don’t care what you have to say.

We hope you continue to suggest topics and offer your opinion.

We thank you for your commitment to this blog.

We truly couldn’t have done this without your support.


Thank you! 🙂




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About adrakontaidis

A conservative who doesn't pander to the GOP.

4 responses to “Thank you!”

  1. Nancy says :

    THANK YOU, your faithful reader!

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