Thanks for reminding me that I don’t have a lot of money

ParadiseWhile I was still in college I fully expected to get a job fairly quickly after I graduated.  I thought I’d then be able to pay off my student debt fairly quickly.  What I didn’t expect is what ultimately happened.  I still work at the same job I did while I was in school.  I’m nowhere near paying off my debt.  I can’t afford to replace my 16-year-old car let alone go on vacation.  At the moment I’m living vicariously through the travels of a fellow blogger named Lesley Carter.  She travels around the world overcoming many of her fears and exploring the great wonders of this planet.  Here is a link to her latest post

My rant this week is dedicated to those many people who constantly (either directly or indirectly) remind me that I don’t have much money.  My Alma Mater, Loyola University of Chicago, regularly calls me at weird times and days I might add so that I can donate to the school.  I’ve told them many times that I’m too busy paying off my loans to them, so unless they would like to make a donation to my funds then they should stop calling me for the foreseeable future.  The last time they called I even told them I’d call them when I choose to donate to them.  They haven’t seem to gotten the message.

I have friends and family who ask me why I haven’t bought another car since I am so unhappy with the one I have.  They too I guess don’t understand the concept of being almost broke.  I can’t convey to you how many times I’ve been asked why I don’t go on vacation somewhere.  Who wouldn’t like to snorkel in the Caribbean?  Swim with dolphins at Sea World.  Explore the beauty of Hawaii and the history of China.  I sure would like to.  There is just a small problem.  You can’t do any of these things unless you’ve got money.  I now retort to these inquiries with: “Unless you plan on funding this proposed vacation, don’t bother mentioning it to me.”

I don’t think people ask me these things with malicious intent.  I just implore people to think that hey maybe not everyone is as well off as they are.  When I’m asked these questions I want to reply: “Thank you for reminding me that I can’t afford to go on vacation.  I had actually managed to go a day without thinking about my finances.”  When I make more money I will undoubtedly travel around the world.  Until then, I’m stuck mulling over what could have been.

Do you experience similar situations?



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5 responses to “Thanks for reminding me that I don’t have a lot of money”

  1. laboratoriomondo says :

    looking at your friend’s blog..I understand why you’re complaining!! what kind of job is keeping you down your loans?

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      Thanks for the comment. It’s not that I can’t afford to pay my loans. I just don’t have much left afterwards with my other expenses. It is partly my fault for going to a private university, although there is an expectation I’d be able to find a job quickly.

  2. Kamil Zawadzki says :

    Meh… for me, it’s a little more complicated than choosing private vs. public higher education. When I was applying for schools and financial aid, I mainly limited myself to just in Illinois (should’ve branched out more, but hey…) and I came up with UIC, UI-Urbana-Champaign, DePaul and Loyola. The two public schools barely gave me any aid at all; DePaul gave me a finaid package that was ostensibly a little better than Loyola if you just look at bare numbers, but look at fine print and most of it was some loan or another.
    So all in all, Loyola (PRIVATE) was still a better option for me financially than its crosstown Catholic ‘rival’ DePaul (also private) or the other two schools I mentioned, which are public.

    I’ve had similar experiences, though, where people are like ‘why don’t you go away on vacation’ or whatever… I did that last year and that was my splurge for the decade and it was awesome. But I’ve found that a lot of the people who ask me that are in he same situation financially as I am – it’s not necessarily living paycheck-to-paycheck but still nowhere near enough disposable income to just go nuts, you know.

    But yeah I’ve mini-snapped on people before if they keep ragging on me about it. They know better now. 🙂

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