Cancellation of “666 Park Ave.” is an impulsive decision by ABC

promo for ABC's  "666 Park Avenue"

When news broke that ABC’s “666 Park Ave.” was being canceled after 2 more scripts had just been bought I was saddened.  I felt and still believe the show has become more addictive with each episode.  “666” has become one of my new, favorite shows.  I understand that networks ultimately need to make a profit and that’s why they cancel shows.  The last episode of “666” garnered a meager 4 million views according to Nielsen Media.

Yes, that number is paltry in comparison to other local network shows.  I want to point out a reason why the show may have struggled to initially gain high viewership.  “666” airs on ABC on Sunday night at 10/9c.  Therefore, as the numbers have proven, many viewers record the episode on their DVRs.  Actually, “666” has ranked #1 in DVR playback the last two weeks.  It’s not fair to compare this show to shows that start two hours earlier on weekdays.  Networks should wait a few days to see how many people truly watched the episode.  I for one watch many shows on playback.  Every year more people are doing the same. 

Another point I wanted to bring up is that the show gained a 17% spike in views in comparison to last week’s episode.  That’s pretty good when you’d assume a soon-to-be cancelled show would see a massive decrease in viewer interest.  You’d assume people wouldn’t want to invest in a show that will ultimately and soon cease to exist.

You may not agree with me on this show specifically.  But my general point is that I think networks many times fail to adequately give shows enough time to gain traction.  In their haste to achieve a profit they sometimes cancel very promising shows.  Another show that I liked which got quickly canceled was FOX’s “Lone Star.”  I hope ABC reconsiders or that the show gets picked up on another network.

What do you think?

Do you think networks sometimes give up on shows too quickly?

If so, which shows did you really like that ended up being canceled?


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