LeBron James is overrated

Lebron James on the cover of Sports IllustratedSports Illustrated has once again named its “Sportsman of the Year.”  Lebron James, forward from the Miami heat, was awarded the honor of the traditional award.  James graced the cover of the magazine once again this year.  The article fawns over James and pretty much insinuates that he is the Best of All Time (BOAT).  Not only does the author of the article, Lee Jenkins, highly praise the basketball player, but he also includes other people fawning over him as well.  The magazine might as well rename itself Lebron James Illustrated.

Here is my problem with the article.  Actually here is my problem with people in general deciding that somehow James is the BOAT.  The problem is that it simply is not TRUE.  The best player of all time is unequivocally Michael “Air” Jordan.  You might say I’m a bit biased because I am a Chicago Bulls fan.  Yes, maybe I am a bit.  But, I’m not the only one that thinks Jordan is the BOAT. 

James supporters may now make a big deal because he finally won a NBA championship.  I frankly don’t care how many championships James wins.  James lost all of my respect when he decided to have an ESPN special dubbed “The Decision” to let his “fans” know where he was signing.  I think he essentially sold out on his hometown in order to go to a team that would have a vastly better chance of winning a championship.  As good as Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman were, they aren’t Dwayne Wade or Chris Bosh.  James is surrounded by All-Stars.  Surrounding those All-Stars are some more All-Stars (Ray Allen, etc.).  Many veteran players, hungry for a chance at a championship, have signed to the Heat for the veteran’s minimum salary to ensure the team is under the salary cap limit.

In addition, to the fact that Jordan didn’t surround himself with All-Stars there is one more crucial stat James supporters are forgetting.  Jordan won 6 championships.  How the heck do you begin to compare the two athletes?  If anything the closest thing there is to Jordan is Kobe Bryant.  I’d take Bryant in his prime over James any day.  I know Bryant will take that last second shot.  With James you never know, as he did several times last year he will just defer it to another player.

Lebron James would have garnered so much respect and admiration from me had he won a single championship in Cleveland.  That’s what great players do.  They lead their team to a championship.

So my questions to you are simple:

Which player is the best in his prime? Jordan or James?

And who is the best basketball player of all time?

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19 responses to “LeBron James is overrated”

  1. lavz17 says :

    never been a basketball fan, but I was when Jordan was playing i always watched. I thought he was amazing

  2. Ike says :

    Jordan was definitely better than Labron in his prime. I hated MJ because Im a die hard Knicks fan, however, MJ did some amazing things to come with a W. Even being CLUCH!!!!
    The only person MJ had was Scotty, Rodman for defense and rebounds and a few key players. Labron came to a team with the best gaurd(mvp/hof) and a all star center(maybe hof). Jordan has 6 championships and was way a head of his time in his day. MJ was way better then his peers single handedly. This is unbiased because Im a knicks fan

  3. mariampera says :

    I don’t need to read any further than the headline and know that I agree. 😉

  4. cameliarodriguez says :

    I agree with all of the above. =)

  5. Spity says :

    Michael jordan by far!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kayleen A says :

    While I agree MJ is the GOAT, saying James is overrated is sort of a ignorant decision. It seems like I am going to be the only one who is going to disagree, but here goes nothing.
    1. Michael Jordan had Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman. You say they aren’t Wade or Bosh. You’re right. They are so much better. Rodman, alone, was amazing. it’s funny because fans complain that LBJ left to join all stars YET they say that Wade is washed up and Bosh can’t so anything. Ray Allen? He’s 37. Didn’t MJ also have players that were clutch for him?Hypocritical, much? Basketball is a TEAM game. I mean, did Kobe have Shaq and Derek Fisher’s 0.4 second shot for the first three rings?
    2. LeBron didn’t leave Cleveland because he wanted to…..He left because he had no other choice. The Cavs made SO many mistakes but didn’t bring ANYONE to help LBJ. He took a scrub Cavs team to the Finals. MJ, without Paxon, Kerr, Rodman, Pippen lost in the first round a lot more. In the end, Gilbert only got an aging Shaq and Antawn Jamison. Look at the stats during his year with the Cavs, LBJ did EVERYTHING.
    3. The Decision: Probably the worst decision of LBJ’s life, but it didn’t harm anyone. Instead, he raised money for charity. LBJ is possibly even more humble than MJ. For that, just look at MJ’s retirement video.
    4. This is also not a very good debate. Not entirely on you, but the sports world doesn’t know that MJ’s career is done and LBJ still has a good ten years on him. Also, if you use the ring logic, Bill Russell is better than Jordan.
    5. I agree that MJ had that killer instinct as well as Kobe, but their playing style is totally different. MJ and Kobe look to make the winning SHOT while LBJ looks to make the winning PLAY.. Nothing wrong with either of them. Being clutch does not mean you have to make the shot, you have to make the winning plays.
    6. You can’t win a ring alone.
    While I agree MJ is the GOAT, it’s totally ignorant to say LBJ is overrated.While LBJ is not the GOAT, and he doesn’t have to be, but as long as he keeps doing it his way, he’s already a winner. His stats speak for themselves and his career isn’t even done yet.
    (BTW, I am a Cavs fan. I just got over LBJ and started to appreciate a great guy)


    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      Everyone has a choice. If he wanted to stay in Cleveland he could have. He could have pressured them to get Bosh. As great as Pippen and Rodman were they would not be the featured star on any team. Bosh and Wade were.

      As for Lebron, he is a pretty good player. I think he is overrated based on how the media (more specifically ESPN) depict him as the GOAT. I do not think Lebron is hands down the best player in the league.

      Sports Illustrated, ESPN and others gawk at him as if he is some messiah who is a God sent player. He isn’t. I’m sorry but the Heat roster is better than any team Jordan ever played on.

      Jordan had the ability to make his Teammates better. Lebron’s teammates were already great.

      Thanks for the comment!

  7. Ivan says :

    I agree with the author. And to add to the factors why lebron is overrated is because most of his points came from his team mates which was lob passes, the reason why he averages 60% in his field goals, who the hell will miss a shot when the ball is almost in the rim. Yes he is athletic but he doesn’t have the skills, he can’t even do a crossover, he just uses his size and strength to pass by defenders. MJ and KB has the skills and talent that LBJ doesn’t have.

  8. billy says :

    I agree with the author too.

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