Semi-automatic weapons should be banned

I’ll admit I am far from a gun savant.  I have never fired a gun nor have any desire to.  After the tragedy in Newton, Connecticut this past Friday the topic of gun control has been the rage in the media.  Everyone has been providing their opinions on the matter.  As someone who didn’t know much about guns I was glad a fellow blogger posted some information on the topic.  His post entitled: “What is an AR-15 style assault rifle?” was both enlightening and disturbing.  The corresponding video of a child firing a semi-automatic weapon was eye-opening.  Another video showed a man acting as if the weapon was a toy.

It is utterly sickening that it has become culturally acceptable to maintain not only lax guns laws, but a glorification of owning such artillery.  Some pro-gun advocates like to use the 2nd amendment as if it justifies ownership of such weapons.  Well you know what?  It doesn’t!  These weapons weren’t even invented when that law was passed.  If people were able to hunt back then without such weapons then they can sure as hell hunt without them now.  There is no excuse why it is legal in America to purchase weapons that are used in the war in Afghanistan.  NO EXCUSE! 

My opinion on the matter does not impede in your right to own a gun and more importantly to protect yourself.  You are certainly entitled to own a handgun for protection and certain rifles/and or shotguns for hunting purposes.  My rant is towards semi-automatic weapons that can fire rapid amounts of ammunition in minutes.  Those weapons aren’t used for hunting.  They are used for maximum damage.  They were used to kill innocent children.  Most of them were in 1st grade. They were eager to grow up one day and pursue their dreams.  Unfortunately they never got the chance.

I also found out through that blogger than the old assault weapon ban that expired in 2004 did not in fact ban such weapons used in this year’s massacres.  That is because of the technicality that they are deemed as pistols!  Our Congress needs to pass substantive gun control laws that eliminate the selling of such weapons.

And for those who disagree with me I ask you one simple question.

 Is your right to “bear arms” with assault weapons more important than the lives of these two girls?

Ana Marquez GreeneEmilie Parker

Because for years, that’s what America has decided


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21 responses to “Semi-automatic weapons should be banned”

  1. reasoningpolitics says :

    Great article. I thought I would add a note to clarify. The assault weapons ban failed because its so hard to define an “assault weapon.” For example, an AR-15 with a bayonet lug (it lets you put a big knife on the end of the barrel) was considered an assault rifle. All the gun manufacturers had to do was remove that lug, which no one would ever use anyway, and viola, its no longer considered an assault rifle and therefore completely legal. There were so many loopholes in the bill, completely by accident.

    As you saw, there are AR-15’s with no stock that are considered pistols. The only difference is the lack of a stock. The way the law defined assault weapons allowed that. Gun manufacturers were always 10 steps ahead of the law.

  2. eponasgirl says :

    the 2nd amendment allows you to keep and bear arms. Not just for hunting, not just to protect your house. It allows you to protect your country. People misuse it. It doesn’t mean that the other 314,953,243 (from in the US should have their rights revoked. Perhaps the problem is not that our gun laws are too lax, (after all, criminals don’t follow laws) but that are gun laws are too restrictive. IF the teachers had been armed, he could have been stopped in his tracks. It might have saved lives.

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      Banning semi automatic guns do not revoke your right to bear arms. It simply revokes the ease in which disturbed individuals use weapons similar to ones used today in Afghanistan to kill innocent people.

      As for teachers having guns. You really have no idea if that would have helped. The shooter had a bullet proof vest on. Had he dressed like the guy from the Colorado theater massacre in full body armor it wouldn’t have mattered.

      I don’t think it’s a coincidence that our country which has the most lax laws greatly leads the world in gun fatalities.

  3. JF Owen says :

    Despite the assertion by another commenter, the loopholes in the 1994 ban on assault weapons were not substantially there by accident. They were there because the bill was watered down by the intense lobbying of gun manufacturers, gun enthusiasts and the NRA before being passed.

  4. John Doe says :

    Semi automatic weapons do not fire rapidly! They fire one bullet at a time! Only slow minded ignorant people think that!

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      But they can carry magazines with many bullets..regular guns can’t shoot 100 times without needing to be reloaded.

      As for slow-minded individuals, I really don’t need you describing yourself on my blog.

    • Bill says :

      John Doe, you may be correct but a semi automatic rifle can be worked on to fire rapidly, and carries hundreds of bullets in one magazine

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