NRA thinks teachers should be armed

Wayne LaPierreOn Wednesday, the National Rifle Association (NRA) released a brief statement that on Friday they’d hold a press conference.  During this press conference the public would be reassured that the group is committed to offering practical approaches to ending such tragedies.  The association had garnered heavy criticism over the weekend after the Sandy Hook shootings.  The NRA had not released any statements.  They usually do after a mass shooting.  So it was a bid odd they were silent. 

Much to no surprise (at least not mine) the NRA further conveyed their delusional and warped assessment of what needed to occur to prevent future mass shootings.  They essentially blamed everyone but themselves.  They blamed the media for glamorizing a culture of violence.  They blamed video games, movies and television shows for showcasing violence to young adults.  They blamed our health care system for not properly dealing with mental illness in the country.

Wayne LaPierre, NRA Executive Vice President, stated: “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”  He called on Congress “to appropriate whatever is necessary to put armed police officers in every school in this nation.”  Their solution of course would entail the use of more weapons.  The NRA believes that arming teachers would have prevented the death of 20 children.  They think that it would dissuade future attacks. Why I am not surprised that an association that supports the proliferation of guns would be advocating the use of even more guns?  Maybe it could be the inherent conflict of interest.

In reality you never know what could have happened if teachers were armed at Sandy Hook.  For example, suppose a student were to get a hold of a gun and shoot another.  Who’s liable?  The school?  The teacher who uses the gun?  When a situation of that nature occurs you really never can be prepared for what you will do.  Most teachers are great people, but that doesn’t mean that some may not also suffer from some form of mental illness.  What happens if you train a teacher and he/she snaps one day and shoots their schoolchildren or goes home and shoots their family?  I also think it is terribly unfair and even disrespectful to suggest that arming teachers somehow would have definitively changed the outcome.

I’ve read many gun-enthusiasts state that people like me are somehow politicizing the tragedy to push our agenda.  It’s funny how it wasn’t politicizing when they used 9/11 to push two wars and vast increases in homeland security and defense spending (I’m not saying we should or shouldn’t have done that).  When the Titanic sank was it politicizing when people suggested hey maybe we should put more lifeboats on these ships?

Legislative material arises when there is something to correct.  It is the nature of things.  Otherwise, why change anything if it is working out so wonderfully.

I think the NRA is a joke.  Their delusional comments today only prove it.  I never thought we’d hear substantive suggestions from the group.  It would be like expecting our Congress to pass a bill before the last minute.  It just isn’t going to happen; at least not while people continue to support nonsensical parties simply because it is tradition.

I find the NRA’s statements pretty lame.

What do you think?

Should our teachers be armed?  If yes, explain to me how you think that should all work out?


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16 responses to “NRA thinks teachers should be armed”

  1. reasoningpolitics says :

    The NRA has shown how irrelevant is has become. Do we really want to turn our schools into hardened bunkers? Is this Afghanistan or America? This press conference was nothing but a planned distraction.

    Someone calculated that armed police at every school in America (all 130,000 public and private ones) would cost $18 billion a year.

    I really appreciated Chris Christie’s remarks on this. At least there is one adult out there. I’d love to see him in charge of the GOP right now. He and Obama could really get things done together.

  2. Theodora Goritsan says :

    As a teacher I find being armed ridiculous. A school should be a place for learning. I shouldn’t have to fear anything or should my students. Teachers play an important role in a child’s life. As a parent I see how much my daughter enjoys going to school. She told me she feels safe there and I see how much she is learning. I tell her teacher all the time. Taking a weapon to school will only show my child that if something goes wrong we should
    Just shoot so we can protect ourselves. That is a wrong message!! How about getting people that are mentally ill the help they deserve! The shooter was obviously ill and the parent “took him to the shooting range” why on earth would you do that??!! She claimed she wanted to show him “how to be responsible” Well he was responsible for so many senseless deaths, including her own. The NRA will defend themselves at any cost. They can have those deaths on their conscious.

  3. Nancy says :

    At first I was disgusted with the NRA statement. I then found out that many Chicago Public Schools have armed guards & metal detectors that the students must go through every day all day. With all the gang problems the schools have to do this. I also don’t see why hunters need semi-automatic weapons to hunt. If you have to use an uzi for hunting, your not a very good shot!

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      I always had a security at CPS schools, especially in high school we had metal detectors. The NRA though advocates that teachers are also armed. Don’t think that is a good idea.
      Most hunters don’t even use 100 bullets ALL hunting season let alone need them in one magazine. The NRA has yet to explain why these guns and magazines should be legally sold.

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