ABC decides to not air remaining “666 Park Ave.” episodes

promo for ABC's  "666 Park Avenue"As soon as I read that the ABC network had decided to not air the remaining episodes of “666 Park Avenue” I immediately knew the topic of this week’s rant.  A couple of weeks ago I blogged that I thought ABC’s decision to cancel the show was rather impulsive.  “666” was not fairly given a chance to gain a following.  The network had slotted the show in a horrible time slot (Sunday night at 10pm eastern) and did not take into account the large DVR viewership the show had quickly gained.  Had “666” been on let’s say the CW it would have been considered a mega-hit.

“Beauty and the Beast” a new TV show on the CW averages just under 2 million views an episode.  The CW considers the show a breakout hit.  The total is rather paltry compared to the 4.5 to 5 million average “666” would gain even after it was announced the network was pulling the show.  I haven’t even added the views via DVR playback.  We can debate if the show should have been canceled all day.

The annoying part is that after the network decided not to pick up the show for an entire season they did allow the writers to film five more episodes to give the already loyal fan base (myself included) a proper series finale.  So to no surprise I am pissed that they decided to instead air episodes of another show in that time slot in January (“Happy Endings”).

In my opinion, “666” was steadily getting better with each additional episode and I was very much looking forward to seeing how it all played out.  I don’t understand their decision.  It’s not like the show’s viewership dramatically decreased.  I don’t think it is fair to the actors, crew members and writers who worked their butts off to put together a great finale.  More importantly it’s not fair to fans like me who continued to watch the show even after they canceled it.

I really hope the show gets picked up on another network.

ABC did say that they may air the final episodes next summer.  I’ve learned to not hold my breath with these people.

Are there any shows you liked a lot which were canceled too quickly?


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