President Obama seeks “immediate action” to avoid the “fiscal cliff”

President ObamaPresident Obama held a press conference on Friday in which he addressed the nation as to the progress in the “fiscal cliff” negotiations.  The president demanded that Senate leaders (Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ken.)) reach a deal before Sunday.  He said that the two were working on a deal at that time.  He was “optimistic” it would get done.

The president acknowledged that to the average person Washington negotiations must seem “mind-boggling.”  They are “mind-boggling.”  You are correct Mr. President.  I essentially saw a press conference where the president said Congress shouldn’t be waiting until the last-minute to broker a deal. 

As I have said before, our politicians don’t understand the meaning of the word “compromise.”  As long as their entitlements are protected, they won’t truly feel pressured to act.  I think these “negotiations” if you even can call them that have been an even greater colossal lapse of leadership than the one we saw last year.

Even if we go over the “cliff,” taxes on the middle class will go back down.  There is no way politicians allow them to remain at a higher rate.  They won’t risk their reelection prospects.  The Republicans will get painted as the party that not only wouldn’t concede but was willing to go over the “cliff” and jeopardize the livelihood of millions of Americans.  The Democrats and President Obama will come out the victor.  At this point there is nothing the GOP can do.  They missed their opportunities.

There is always another explanation for this mess.  Maybe many politicians want “sequestration”  to go into effect.  Cutting spending and raising revenue is the best way to deal with debt.  What better way to accomplish that then by going over the “cliff” and by of course blaming the other party for your taxes going up?

In case you missed the press conference here is the video.

What do you think?

Is a deal getting passed Sunday?


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