Aubrey Ireland gets restraining order against “stalking” parents

Aubrey IrelandAubrey Ireland, a 21-year student at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, was granted a restraining order against her parents.  Aubrey states that her parents went too far in keeping tabs on her while she was at college.  Julie and David Ireland, her parents, admitted in court that they installed monitoring software in her laptop and cell phone. 

Aubrey said her parents would make unannounced visits to the school in which they would besmirch her reputation by stating that their daughter was promiscuous, using illicit drugs and was mentally ill.  Aubrey states: “It’s just been really embarrassing and upsetting to have my parents come to my university when I’m a grown adult and just basically slander my name and follow me around.”

Aubrey told her parents to stop.  Her parents apparently told college officials that they could take her to court because of her mental illness.  Her father was particularly worried for her because he had a family history of mental illness.  A few of his cousins had committed suicide and he was worried that his only daughter maybe ill.  Probably the most disturbing accusation made by Aubrey is that her parents would sometimes make her Skype with them at night and aim the camera at her bed as she slept.

School officials became so worried about her parents that they hired bodyguards to prevent them from attending any of their daughter’s plays.  Aubrey had always been a great student and was awarded many scholarships to attend a myriad of colleges.  Her parents decided they would pay her tuition so that she could attend the best school for her passion, Music Theater.

Her parents stopped paying her tuition when they were completely cut off.  Her school gave her a full scholarship for her last year.  The judge decided that Aubrey is an adult and can do as she pleases.  Her parents aren’t allowed to contact her until at least September 23, 2013.  Her parents have asked for a refund of their money they paid for her tuition from their daughter.

Here is what I think:

I think her parents definitely crossed the line, even if the girl maybe ill.  In the end they have to allow her to live her life.  As for Aubrey, if she wanted total independence from her parents then why did she continue to accept their payment of her tuition?  I don’t think you can have it both ways.  You can’t expect to have your parents fund your college education and expect to not cede some of your privacy (albeit in this case they overstepped).

What do you think?

Should she have to pay it back?



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2 responses to “Aubrey Ireland gets restraining order against “stalking” parents”

  1. Kamil Zawadzki says :

    Yeah, when I first read the headline the other day, my knee-jerk reaction was “you ungrateful little shit, you are playing with fire here and declaring war on your own family.”

    But once I clicked on it and read the story, ummm yeah, the parents definitely went way overboard. A phone call a day, sure, fine,it shouldn’t be an imposition to expect a five-minute conversation or that occasional Skype chat. But what they allegedly did went beyond the pale. I’m sure that they simply missed her and had the best intentions in mind but that’s kinda crazy.

    Now, I’m not surprised that upon being slammed with that restraining order, the parents stopped making tuition payments. And I don’t blame them because this essentially cuts them off from their daughter on a permanent basis until the day of graduation. That, too, is extreme.
    At the same time, while yes, if your parents are helping in part or paying entirely for your college education, you should be willing to cede some privacy, this was more than just making compromises – she literally couldn’t have ANY independence (and I’m sorry but especially when you go away to college, even if you do miss home sometimes and miss the folks, you WANT some of that independence). I don’t think that the caveat of making tuition payments should come with a complete cessation of any privacy or independence (and pointing the Skype cam at her bed while she sleeps is just creepy and bizarre).

    That being said, she’s lucky that the college stepped in and gave her full tuition until she graduates, and I don’t blame them for doing this. Still, should she pay her parents back for the tuition they paid up until then? No. They went overboard. And at least from how my parents are, God bless them, after their kid goes to college, parents typically want them to come back at least for a little while. And, especially with this economy, college graduates might want to come back to the family home themselves as they try to get back on their feet. Now, with all this behind her, why would Aubrey want to go back home? And how would her parents treat her upon return? There’s a lot of wounds that this opened up and those will take time to heal. Regardless of the finances.

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      I also don’t think she should have to pay them back. There was no agreement that she would pay them back after she graduated. Her parents definitely went extremely overboard.

      They were obviously worried about their only child. The fact that there is a family history of mental illness in the family didn’t help. We don’t know if she is sick. But if she isn’t I would get those parents checked out.

      Thanks for the comment!

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