“Zero Dark Thirty” torture scenes enrage U.S. Senators

Zero Dark Thirty PosterKathryn Bigelow’s latest movie “Zero Dark Thirty” is attracting unwanted outrage from Senate leaders.  The movie chronicles a “dramatization” of the killing of Osama bin Laden.  Most movie critics agree that the film not only will be nominated for many Oscars, but is the clear front-runner in the Best Picture, Director (Bigelow) and Lead Actress (Jessica Chastain) category. 

Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) are irate that the film perpetuates the assertion that “enhanced interrogation” techniques like water-boarding led to location of the OBL compound.  They maintain that no information obtained from such “sessions” directly assisted in the assassination of the Al-Qaeda leader.  However, these complaints directly contradict the information afforded during released information from past and present CIA directors.  People can argue as to what extent, but it is a fact that some information was revealed in such interrogations.  In fact the name of the courier was revealed through such a “session.”

Bigelow maintains that the movie is NOT a documentary.  It is merely a DRAMATIZATION of what occurred that day as well as the months leading up to it.  To think every minute detail in a movie is historically accurate is a bit naive.  Senator McCain is probably livid because he personally is against the use of “enhanced interrogations.”  McCain is a man who I greatly admire (although I was a bit annoyed with his recent Susan Rice controversy).  He is a war hero who survived being a POW (prisoner of war) for six years during the Vietnam War.  McCain was so badly tortured that he has permanent physical injuries as a result (Ex: he can’t lift his arms all the way up).

He fervently repudiates the idea that torture is the correct approach to obtain sensitive information.  He thinks it is inhumane and mostly leads to admissions of lies.  I have struggled as to my own feelings on the subject.  For a time I sided with the former Presidential nominee.  However, I feel that in some cases the use of “enhanced interrogations” or torture (whatever you would like to call it) is necessary.  If a terrorist is planning on killing mass amounts of Americans in the imminent future, I am not going to try to debate with detainees.  I would do whatever is necessary to save innocent lives.

I am sure I will be getting some opposing thoughts on the matter.  I should make it clear that I am not one who hasn’t thought quite a bit on the issue.  I understand both sides of the argument.  If you oppose my thoughts on the matter please feel free to comment.

As for the criticism of the movie, I simply say:

“It’s NOT a documentary.  It is a dramatization.  Remember that.”

What do you think?

Are you planning on watching this film? (I hope to watch it soon)

What are your thoughts on the use of “enhanced interrogations?”  Do they work?  Should they be used?

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5 responses to ““Zero Dark Thirty” torture scenes enrage U.S. Senators”

  1. reasoningpolitics says :

    I’m dying to see this movie. Right now I’m halfway through Mark Bowden’s “The Finish” which recounts the Bin Laden raid. You probably know him from his book “Blackhawk Down.” I went to his book signing and got to meet him. He’s no partisan- he gives Bush and Obama a lot of credit. His book is pretty clear on the matter than torture played a role, very early on, in finding Bin Laden. Whether they could have obtained that information without torture is pure speculation, but the fact that torture played a role is indisputable according to him. He has a knack for getting people inside these agencies to speak to him.

    During the signing I met a friend of his- a retired CIA agent who scouted out the Desert One landing site that ended in disaster. It was really cool. Anyway, Bowden is the real deal, and I trust his reporting.

    I personally am against torture in all cases. General Petraeus was against torture as well, and made sure it did not happen under his command. Its immoral and mostly counterproductive.

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      Thanks for the comment.

      It is pure speculation if we could have gotten the information without torture. I tend to agree with you that we should be against it, but I have trouble unequivocally stating that I am against it in ALL cases. It would be dishonest of me to say that. If my family is in danger and I have someone who knows where they are or what is planned to happen to them I sure as hell will find out what is planned. It’s that type of extreme hypothetical that makes me hesitant to say that I am totally against it. And I don’t know if you can be only partially against it. You either are or you aren’t. Thus my conundrum.

      There are so many great war heroes (Petraeus and McCain amongst) them that oppose torture. I am terribly conflicted on this topic.

      BTW you are pretty lucky to have met these people. I do know of Bowden.

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