I’m tired of seeing celebrities in PSAs


I’m tired of seeing celebrities in PSAs (public service announcements).

Yes, I said it.

No, I don’t care if I’m not part of the “cool” crowd that listens to every syllable enunciated by famous people.

Celebrities are people.  They are like you and I.  They just make more money than us.  Yet, somehow they think that their opinions on matters somehow take precedent over “regular folks.”

A group of celebrities recently made a PSA in which they advocated for stricter gun control.  As I have said before, I wholeheartedly agree with them.  I just don’t need celebrities to tell me what to do.

I think the PSA would have been FAR more effective coming from survivors of mass shootings or other gun related violence. 

I saw this video which mocks the PSA.

I don’t blame movies and video games for the recent gun violence in America.  I don’t think it is a celebrity’s fault that there are mentally ill people in this country.  But, it would be foolish of me to think that I’m correct 100% of the time (more like 99.9% J).  Who knows maybe movies and video games has desensitized each of us in a small or big way.  I don’t know if you can regulate movies though because of freedom of expression.  There is a reason movies have ratings.  It ultimately is the parent’s job and theater attendant’s jobs to make sure teenagers don’t watch violent movies with R or NR ratings.

I do think it is a bit hypocritical of some celebrities to be so pro-gun control yet star in incredibly violent movies.

What do you think?

Is it hypocritical?

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2 responses to “I’m tired of seeing celebrities in PSAs”

  1. reasoningpolitics says :

    I liked the old PSAs with the Transformers cartoon characters. I’d prefer never to hear about anything political from celebrities. Ever.

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