AIG might consider suing U.S. Government

American International Group

American International Group (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, you correctly read the title.  AIG, one of the many companies we (U.S. taxpayers) bailed out, is considering suing the U.S. Government.  The news of a potential lawsuit has been on the news all day today.  Americans are pissed off at the mere suggestion.  The company incredulously had just released an ad where it thanked us for bailing them out.  They pointed out that AIG had in fact paid back the loan.

The company claims that it may be in the AIG shareholder’s best interest to sue the U.S. government because of alleged high interest charges.  They feel they have a duty to do what is in their best interest.

When I first learned of the news this morning and after reading a fellow blogger’s take on the matter I instantly seethed at the mere prospect that this ungrateful company would sue their savior.  The ridiculousness of their charges is certainly laughable.

First of all, AIG should be unwavering in its gratitude.  If it wasn’t for us there wouldn’t be an AIG company right now.  We saved them.  Maybe they forgot that.  I guess they have amnesia, especially after recently releasing their Thank-you video.  On the one hand they thank us.  On the other they propose to sue us.  What kind of crap is that?

You know you’ve proposed something stupid when I must agree with Senator Elizabeth Warren in stating the lawsuit is outrageous.

AIG states that we somehow gauged them on the deal.  Well you know what, I don’t really care.  They had a choice.  They may have been pressured to take the deal, but they certainly had a choice.

They chose to accept our lifeline.

They agreed to a deal.

End of story.  Now they want us to bail them out on their bailout.  C’mon seriously?!

Imagine if I were to slap my loan companies with a lawsuit claiming they are gauging me in interest charges.  I signed on the dotted line.  I took the responsibility.  Taking responsibility for ones promises and deals seems to be in severe lack nowadays.

Well you know what; I really couldn’t care less for their outcry.  Next time (there’s always a next time) they go broke don’t come crying to Uncle Sam for money.

What do you think?

*Update:  AIG has decided not to sue the government.  Let’s hope they don’t think they can in the future.


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5 responses to “AIG might consider suing U.S. Government”

  1. Kamil Zawadzki says :

    If they sue and win, then after I’ve repaid MY student loans, I’m going to see if I can sue the lending banks for the interest rates, too.

    You know, to draw from your example at the end, I’m going to share mine, too… A couple months back, I considered consolidating my private loans into one so I wouldn’t have to keep tabs on monthly payments scattered across 3 different lenders and dates… I went on Wells-Fargo but (and I think something in their system simply messed up) it said my interest rate on the consolidated loan would be 12.75%. What did I do? I withdrew my application.

    I didn’t accept/sign the contract and then bitch and moan about how the agreement was unfair to me. And I certainly didn’t sign it and scheme to turn around and sue in revenge five years down the line.

    A friend of mine said this is proof that bailouts don’t work. But actually, they do – the fact that AIG still exists today and is able to put out those ads boasting of paying back their loan and making profit is testament. Not to even mention Obama’s fave election talking point about the auto bailouts. But it’s a matter of a simple code of conduct, as well… When presented with a contract, you should know what you’re getting into – and if you sign it, that means you agree to all the terms.
    Especially when you have an army of financial, accounting and legal analysts and advisers on the rolls that can look into this stuff and give you their informed feedback. These people can’t even claim ignorance here, to be honest.

    And that’s all.
    Thanks for the pingbacks.

  2. reasoningpolitics says :

    “You know you’ve proposed something stupid when I must agree with Senator Elizabeth Warren in stating the lawsuit is outrageous.”

    That line really got a laugh from me. Well done.

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