Should Sandy Hook Elementary School Reopen?

Sandy Hook RibbonWhile watching the news last night I saw a brief segment in which the news reporter stated that residents of Newtown, Connecticut are meeting to discuss the possibility of reopening Sandy Hook Elementary School.  The school as you probably know has been closed since the horrific shooting on December 14th.  Students resumed classes after the winter break at a nearby school. 

That day will truly never be forgotten.  It saw the heroic acts of teachers and administrators.  Kaitlin Roig locked her 1st grade classroom in a closet until she was certain they were safe.  Victoria Soto lied to the gunman that her classroom was at the other end of the building as they hid in the closet.  She ultimately died protecting her class.  Dawn Hocksprung alerted the school, via the intercom, that the school was under attack and then she and Mary Sherlach rushed to tackle the gunman (of which I refuse to publicize his name).

The NRA has chimed its opinion as to how to make our school safer.  I even offered my opinion on gun control (an opinion that I had wanted to write about for some time before the shooting).

The question now is if Sandy Hook should be reopened.

I personally think it should.  I think the school should be reopened for the next school year.  I think it would show that we are a resilient group of people and will not cower to crazed individuals.

I think my opinion really shouldn’t matter.  I think the decision should be left to those affected by the tragedy.  It should be their decision if they want to send their kids to the school.

No matter what they decide I hope everyone does one thing:

I hope you always remember the victims of Sandy Hook

 and the heroes it birthed.

What do you think?

Should the school reopen? 

Does our opinion really matter in this situation?


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12 responses to “Should Sandy Hook Elementary School Reopen?”

  1. lavz17 says :

    I think it should be up to the victims but I think this is going to be hard and too many bad memories for everyone espcially.

    the children

  2. reasoningpolitics says :

    I totally agree that the decision should be left to those most affected. We’re dealing with the same in here in Aurora. I actually drove past the theater a few nights ago. Its all fenced in now, and totally dark. Its an unsettling sight to say the least.

    I know its irrational, but I will never be able to see a movie there. If it were up to me I’d demolish it. They are going to reopen it though.

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      I don’t think it’s irrational. I think if you demolish it then you allow the shooter the satisfaction that he/she won. They instilled a lifelong fear of them.

      But again it’s easy for me to come to this conclusion because I wasn’t directly affected by the shooting.

  3. V.E.G. says :

    I doubt it. Tear it down for the good of the city.

  4. Katy says :

    I think it should NOT be reopen because of the tragedy It should be Shut for good!

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      This is an incredibly difficult decision. I simply feel that if you reopen the school you exemplify that crazed people do not dictate how you run your life.

      Ultimately, I think it is the Sandy Hook community’s decision if the school should reopened. Similar to the theater in Aurora, Colorado.

  5. Howard Crane says :

    “Does our opinion really matter in this situation?”
    hahaha Good question. How about the children and the adults take a vote? Y’know… since we’re a “Democratic society” and all that.

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